When It Hurts The Most

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I wrote this song in the Spring of 2020, shortly after everything opened back up after the initial shut down. Being cut off from Mass was terrifying for me. I recognized a temptation, however small it was, to go after something other than God--something I could easily wrap my hands, my head, and maybe even my heart around--to take my mind off the fact that I couldn't have the Eucharist. I knew that I couldn't do that, though, because nothing else could satisfy the way He does. I chose Love when that was scary, hard, and even emotionally painful with everything else going on at the same time.

Later, this song ended up taking on another meaning when at the end of 2020 I ultimately had to make the choice between enjoying the company of a friend I'd grown up with, and really authentically living a Christian life. This friend had wholly embraced a moral way of thinking about various things that is contrary to Church teaching, and could not agree to disagree. In this case, too, I had to choose Love, when it hurt.


Transcending temptation

Katie, this is a powerful and beautiful song. Thank you so much for sharing your backstory with us. May you grow even stronger in your faith journey. Live the good life with the One who matters. You are an inspiration.

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Awesome job

Awesome job!
Found your music on spotify and listened to a number of the tracks, they are all great. 
Hope others check out the rest of your work as well.

I hope this is the right link for your spotify page for others to listen as well:

Very inspiring, thank you for sharing your music with us. 



Thank you for sharing, this was great.  Poignant yet hopeful - you captured it well!
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