Hello, everyone. Here are a few songs from my new album, I hope you will enjoy them!

Friends: I am happy to report that I have just released my second album or original music (on January 15, 2022). It’s called #5 and consists of three instrumental pieces that I composed, spanning nine movements. I share two movements below for your listening pleasure; please feel free to check out the entire album on my YouTube channel. As with my first album issued in 2021, the intent of these songs is to uplift, to encourage, to express wonder, gratitude and love, and to glorify. Thank you for listening! Andrzej



Inspirational easy listening

Thanks for sharing your compositions, Andrzej. They are emotive, introspective and engaging. Very artful. 

Richard Schletty | Schletty Design and Music | www.schletty.com

Thank you so much, Richard. I

Thank you so much, Richard. I appreciate you having taken the time to listen and to comment. THank you. ap

Good stuff

I found you on Spotify and will listen to the full works later, but I wanted to comment while I'm here.  I love these because they are modern without being completely atonal (and yet appropriately uses dissonance).  Good stuff, sir! ~Benjamin

What a thoughtful and

What a thoughtful and generous comment, Benjamin. Thank you so much. I hope you will enjoy the rest of the album. It is my second public release, a follow-up to my album called #4, which was released in 2021. Thank you again! ap
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