Posting Catholic Music

Hello Richard, this is Dan of SpiritN3D, living and working in Dubai, UAE. Although the UAE is in the Middle East and is 98% Muslim, would you believe one of the largest Catholic parishes in the world is located here?? That's right...Saint Mary's. There are approximately 250,000 parishoners attending mass each weekend. 30 masses every weekend starting on Friday morning through Sunday evening!!. Just wanted to say that I like your site. As a Catholic musician, I'd like a place on the site to upload some music by independent artists such as myself. Peace~~~Dan

Posting Catholic Music

Hello, Dan! Great to hear from you. That is truly amazing about your church in the United Arab Emirates being one of the largest Catholic parishes in the world. You are one of the first contributors to the new TCS forum which I set up last week. Your comments and suggestions are very much appreciated. In fact, I had thought about song uploads. I will look for a Drupal CMS module which not only uploads MP3 files but allows the artist to create a profile page for managing their music and showcasing their ministry through words and photos. I will contact you when I am ready to test this song upload feature so you can help me fine-tune it. I think what you suggest makes sense for independent Catholic artists who may not yet have their songs published at iTunes, CDBaby, Amazon, etc. Currently, we support an iTunes playlist called iMix – but it is not the old iMix method which Apple offered a few years ago. That method is gone and the old code is broken (as you may have noticed by encountering some big white spaces on this site where the old iMixes still are). I have signed up with the new Apple Affiliates program which has a Widget Builder to build iTunes iMix playlists. Info here:

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