Ave Verum Corpus by MacDonald – from St. James Music Press

Ready for your second new publication of 2023? That's right, your St. James Music Press music library just got a little bigger and you didn't need to file a thing. You will, however, want to schedule this incredibly elegant canon during one of your Lent or Holy Week services! It's three times the beauty for one-third of the work.

Ave Verum Corpus by Sarah MacDonald is for any combination of 3 voices, uses the well-known Latin text, and is perfect for Lent, Holy Week, or communion anytime. Click on the video or go directly to SJMP to hear it for yourself!

St. James Music Press | www.sjmp.com | 828-859-0323

Posted on behalf of SJMP by TCS editor R. Schletty


Absolutely beautiful!  Love

Absolutely beautiful!  Love the "turns" - those little triplets - those really add a lot to the song!  Hats off to MacDonald for her composition!
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