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I have a YouTube channel with about 70 song I wrote and recorded mostly in the 1990's on a four-track Tascam recorder. The YouTube channel is called Ronald St Martin Songs


Four-track Tascam

I never had a four-track Tascam. Analog recorders sound very good. They seem to have mastering built into the system. I did a bit of recording on a Sony reel-to-reel (open reel) tape deck with 7-inch reels. Just a single stereo track (each direction). No sound on sound or sound with sound (i.e. over dubbing or multi-tracking).

My digital recording journey began in 2004 with GarageBand. Soon after I progressed to Apple Logic. Have you recorded with a software DAW (digital audio workstation)?

I really like this song. Your voice is in sync with the guitar strumming, flowing along very nicely. "Listen to the birds. They sing only the truth for you." Well said!

Thanks for sharing your songs and welcome to Top Catholic Songs.


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