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Winepress LYRICS
No greater Love or deeper anguish there ever was or will be Then on the cross on Golgotha And in the olive garden of Gethsemane There all the world’s sin guilt and utter sorrow Was laid on you for you to bear There you were crushed By all the weight of our human despair Like in a wine press your body sweat blood and all because of your love for us No one could know the depths you suffered Except Him who knew you perfectly God your Father No one could give the sacrifice you offered all holy and pure And by your cross stood your Holy Mother A sword of sorrow pierced her heart And in your sacrifice she took part And in utter anguish, you cried out My God my God why have you forsaken me You prayed Psalm twenty-two Then in pure Faith into your Father’s hands, you gave up your spirit and died The prince of darkness had his hour And for our sins, you surrendered to the slaughter As you bowed your head to die you saw your mother Who in pure Faith gave you up Into the hands of God your Father There is no mercy without Justice And as Truth and history give witness There’s a cost to be paid for forgiveness And in our case the cost was your life You know we have all sinned And in that slavery we all have been And hopeless seemed our salvation No one was able or worthy To break the sin paradigm of our slavery Till you emptied yourself of glory And from heaven entered our history as a child born of the Virgin Mary As all men you were tried and tempted By the world the flesh and the devil But all of them you resisted And in the crucible of your passion perfected **No greater Love that we can know Than in your passion on Golgotha And in the olive garden of Gethsemane**REPEAT *No Greater LOVE--------*



I can't wait for the new recording.

God is good.

Winepress has a Bluegrass/Appalachian vibe

I really like this one. Have you heard songs by Cindy Kallet and Gordon Bok? They could really put a bead on this song.

Neighbors album

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