Our Pure Deepest Desire

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In this exile of our earthly time, within the confines of our body and mind dwells the hope that love defines. Why do we yearn to seek and learn everything we can about the mystery of man? In endless cycles and circles of thought the meaning and purpose of life and death are sought and to this search is man by love brought. Why do we suffer pain, death, and sorrow - why disasters by nature and moral failures - why violence and slaughter, yet the desire for love is stronger. Who doesn’t want to live and be fulfilled, who doesn’t want to love and be loved personally Who’ll deny our deepest universal desires? Who hasn’t been hurt or hurt someone, who hasn’t failed to let love’s mercy prevail? We can’t give what we don’t have and we can’t be what we are not. No one can have or play God’s part. Why do we try, fail, and ask why we can’t satisfy each other’s need for God’s Love - our heart’s deepest desire - saving desire - our heart’s pure desire. How can we be free from our slavery to pride and greed, lust and envy, and the idol we’ve made of our technology, deep down we know as all history shows we can’t free ourselves from the powers of hell. No government, law, woman, or man can overcome or withstand the evil that temps and fights for the heart of man. To live in truth fully and free to love indeed supernaturally, we need to be saved by one who is both God and man, who understands the war in the heart of man. This one is he, who is I am the living true God become man. To believe is a gift and an act of will. The beginning of life that love fulfills with the hope that love instills.  God is love our heart’s deepest desire, saving desire, our heart’s pure desire. He created us in his image to love and no evil or sin can impede his mercy and love save our pride in refusing him. God became man Jesus the innocent lamb who was slain for the crimes of the whole human race - that we may live forever with him and fulfill his most holy will - Our heart’s deepest desire,  saving desire, our heart’s pure desire.



So True

This reminds me of the psalm (I think it is a psalm) that talks about how a thousand fall at my right 10 thousand on my right but it will (the army) not aproach with you at my side as my buckler and shield.  

That concept of putting trust in nothing except God is so great.  Even if an army is set up agains me I will not feer if God is with me.

Your song is so good for pointing out all the fauls hopes we have in so many ways and how we should trust in the Lord alone.

Thank you for such a great song!

I appologise for all the mispellings that may be present in this comment.

Thank. You

Thanks for the critique. I didn't notice one misspelling.  Adieu Ron
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