How to get your music on Pandora Internet Radio

Submitting music to Pandora is easier than ever

Over the past decade, Pandora Internet Radio has become one of the go-to destinations for music discovery. The popular radio service allows over 76 million active users to create customized stations based on their favorite genres and artists...

How to submit your music to Pandora

1. Make sure you control the legal rights to your work.

2. Make your music available on iTunes, Amazon, CD Baby, or Bandcamp. (Hey, if you’re a CD Baby artist, you’ve already got this covered!)

3. Log into your Pandora account. If you don’t have a Pandora account, create one HERE.

4. Go to Pandora’s Submit Your Music page. If you’re in a country that doesn’t have Pandora, just write to and they’ll create an account for you.

5. Provide Pandora with details about your submission, including your band name, release information, link to artist bio, and valid links to one or two songs on iTunes (US), Amazon, CD Baby, or Bandcamp.

6. Verify your submission.

7. Wait.

Yep. Now you’ll have to wait an estimated six weeks to get an acceptance or rejection from Pandora (if it’s an acceptance, they’ll request that you send the whole album) — which brings us to that one little detail I talked about above: not everyone’s music will get accepted into Pandora’s catalog, an extensive collection of songs that is curated by a team of musicologists and powered by a taxonomy of musical data called The Music Genome Project.

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