How I Discovered A Marian Pentecost Hymn


An article by Nick Alexander

As a Christian musician, I love the opportunity to learn new songs that could help awaken my faith.  Worship songs have a tendency to get under our skin, to help remind us of central truths of the Gospel narrative, and provide color and emotions to the basic fact.

As a Catholic, I love the opportunities that the liturgical calendar provide.  For a full year, we are directed towards other powerful reminders in the history of salvation.  Through the use of feasts, solemnities, Scripture readings and liturgical seasons, we are continuously reminded of Biblical stories that bring us to a fuller appreciation of what Christ had done for us.

As a worship podcaster, I am constantly looking for “new” old songs and hymns, that can combine my love of music with my devotion.  This past month, I came across an extremely rare epic hymn by Frederick Faber, a 19th century convert best known for “Faith of Our Fathers.” --> Read full article at


Great find and adaptation

Nick, I enjoyed your article. Good hymn adaptation. Good idea to contemporize old songs like this.