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Feb. 17, 2015 - A FREE gift from St. James Music Press

It's FAT TUESDAY (the only liturgical holiday for the horizontally challenged). Pancakes abound! Mardi Gras beads dangle from every bough! King Cakes glisten lasciviously, beckoning us to indulge and plunge our faces into the purple and green icing. Yet amidst these celebrations, Lent is lurking like an ancient uncle in the dining room, smacking his toothless gums together, waiting for soup. Finally,the last Alleluia will be uttered, the last ash smudged, and the last penitent shriven.

Here at St. James Music Press, we always are happy to offer a free anthem on our site. It's our way of saying thanks! We think that if you do our kind of music on a regular basis, you DESERVE thanks. Keeping choirs alive and well in churches, large and small, is what we're all about.

If you're not yet a member of SJMP, or if you've let your subscription lapse!) we're happy to tempt you with this FREE ANTHEM.

O Lamb of God by Richard Shephard

SAB and organ. A pleading and heart-wrenchingly beautiful setting, each suspension more luscious than the last. Wow! Use for communion anytime, but especially useful during Lent.


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