Musical love

Posted by Patrice Egging at her KickStarter project page:

God's love through music

I knew from the very beginning when I prayed for the gift...asking God to be able to play for Him..that when it actually happened that He is the one who gives the music.

It's a prayer. It's a gift. It's a way to share His love and peace.

This project will be a way to share that love with more people. I am excited to share the music and and to share the ministry with you! Because of your support. .this will happen!

I am grateful for the sharing that you've been doing!

If you'd be willing to host me.....location being a factor...I'd love to come play in person. Now....or anytime. If this project is not fully funded, I will not receive your pledge via Kickstarter. But...know that I will continue to play His music! And share His messages of love and mercy!

My website has other information that you can share:

Sing to the Lord!



This is a nice way to bring

This is a nice way to bring back the love of people to hesus christ.

Nice video.