A Home Run Tweet MTR

This is an example of what I call a Home Run Tweet.  It has Four distinctive purposes:

  1. It Promotes TCS and Invites guests of mine to Explore
  2. It Promotes my Personal Web Site: bit.ly/MTRsPlace
  3. It Promotes my Personal Blog: bit.ly/MTRsBlog
  4. It Promotes my Album A Cup of Cold Water bit.ly/MTRsAlbum

It also shows how Powerful Twitter is as a Tool.  Think about it: Getting a Twitter Account is as easy as Creating an Account on Top Catholic Songs.  And it puts you in contact with about 250 million people who you can spread the Gospel Message to.  MTR

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Info and Lyrics to A Cup of Cold Water MTR.pdf887.78 KB


Good tips for social media promotion

Thanks, MTR, for sharing this promo technique. I didn't know you could embed a tweet here! 

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