Creating a 501(3)(c) nonprofit charity called MTR, Inc. MTR

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     I intend to create a 501(3)(c) nonprofit charity called: MTR, Inc. to use my income from Downloads and Merchandise from my Bandcamp site: to help support Catholic Causes like : and other Catholic Faith-based causes.  I intend to file sometime in early 2017 if my Financial Situation improves enough that I can retain a Lawyer to file the papers for me.  Thanking you in advance for your kind support of my Mission, I remain,

Sincerely yours in Christ,



No Audible sound from the Music Player. MTR

     I added a Song to my Blog Post in mp3 format and no sound is coming out of the Music Player.  What did I do wrong?  MTR

It works for me

MTR: Your song plays fine on my Mac in Safari, Firefox and Chrome. Please tell me your platform and browser. The player is HTML 5 so relies on Flash only as a fallback method of playing. Is the volume on the player up? Click on the right speaker icon. I just checked the MP3 player in Windows 7. The song played in Windows Chrome. It did not play in Windows Explorer 8 until I updated to latest version of Flash. I will look into this further. I thought this was an MP3 player with wide compatibility.

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I just downloaded a new Audio CODEC for my Windows Pro (64 bit) build 1607. It has separate volume controls for Mozilla Firefox and for the system as a whole. I had the volume gain set to zero for Mozilla Firefox. That's why I couldn't hear anything. The 256 kbps mp3 I put in there earlier was just fine. I just wasn't familiar with my new CODEC's capabilities. MTR

P.S. - Thanks for trying to diagnose my "Problem"

Glad you fixed it

Well, no problem. In trying to sleuth out your problem, I actually discovered a problem with the home page not displaying correctly in Internet Explorer – more than 31 style sheets cannot be loaded in older. versions of IE. I told Drupal to optimize CSS and JavaScript. Now all is well.

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