Happiness Can Be Found

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Richard has done a rough exploration of singing with guitar. See audio file below. It's not Hip Hop. It's just freeform singing and playing.

1st Verse:
GOD - I see you through the light from my soul
And I know I don't need to fight to know
Because even though life might be cold...
At times
I can do things like make rhymes
And put the breaks on the hate and accelerate the divine
I'm just trying to demonstrate what isn't mine...
I feel presents in his presence
Kneel before him and get a message not a sentence...
To the darkness - because I've moved past that
Staying true in my soul and unmask facts...
The light shines
So at night I can rhyme...
I think we are all looking to be happier
I need to make a booking like I'm a passenger 
And it's a one way ticket to GOD and I could never be mad-at-ya.

If love is the way the map is in our hearts
But evil has been a trap from the start...
I'm still trying to break some bad habits 
And take you in if your sad - with GOD we can manage.

2nd Verse:
The one thing that never changes is history
But we can build a better future and rid ourselves of mysery...
Ive haven't given enough in the past
I was losing my essence until I was in his presence - unmasked...
Some people are perceived as evil
To get to what is right you can't avoid that steep-hill...
And it's never to late
To be remember you can change-your-fate
Don't want the-fame-or-hate...
Love has no price tag
As I strive to be like my dad...
I'm also my own man and we all have no mortal masters
I've got my own plan but GOD holds the fort of life and is faster...
Than Satan could ever dream-of
His got GOD all backwards like his a mean-DOG.
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Rough run of vocals

Alex, I sang your lyrics but they need some work. Think of lyrics as structured in couplets and stanzas. 

Your lyrics should tell a cohesive story that progresses from "problem" to "solution" or some other construct. 

I may start all over with different chord progressions, melody and beat. Maybe I'll try it as a God Hop tune. Don't know yet. Just going with the flow. I really like a lot of your "thought-flow".

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