Watch "All Things Are Possible" Wednesday April 9th

An email blast from John Michael Talbot Ministries: REMINDER! WATCH John Michael Talbot's new TV show "All Things Are Possible" this week on Wednesday - April 9th! We have updated John Michael's website with broadcast times, all the ways to watch and more! Please CLICK HERE for complete information! We premiered to RAVE REVIEWS last week! Here's a sample of the many letters we received from fans:
  • What a blessing your programs are to me. God bless you! - Jason S.
  • I love that you were ecumenical but still Catholic! I can't wait for the next one! - Patrick F.
  • Excellent job...excellent teaching. - Terry F.
  • Wow that 30 min. went by fast! Beautiful message! - Geralyn C.
  • It was refreshing, joyful, truthful & inspiring! The music was beautiful. - Dottie R.
DID YOU KNOW? You can watch "All Things Are Possible" online - ANYTIME. Our friends at iTBN will add the show to their archives a few days after each show airs! You can watch last week's show by clicking the image below! To watch ALL of John Michael Talbot's appearances on TBN CLICK HERE. NEW DVD HELP US CONTINUE TO SPREAD THE GOSPEL VIA TELEVISION! There's no way around it - it takes a great deal of time and money to spread the gospel via television! We are offering you a new 3-DVD collection "All Things Are Possible With God" which features the first 12 episodes of John Michael's TV series for you to watch in the comfort of your own home! This 3-DVD collection is perfect for sharing with prayer and bible study groups or private reflection! Your purchase of this DVD (or any of John Michael's spiritual resources) will help us reach many precious souls for the Kingdom of God! This would make the PERFECT EASTER PRESENT for a special member of the clergy, a friend, loved one or YOU! PLEASE HELP US! ORDER TODAY! John Michael Talbot Ministries


Awesome! This is a very

Awesome! This is a very worthy show. Great music and words of peace and reconciliation.