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queen of angels
i want to teach marian songs for our junior legion of mary

Jumacab (Marcelo) wrote: At my parish, the children who are making their first Holy Communion, the parents also have to attend a CCD class, I use music to tie the theme of the class. This helps the student grab a deeper understanding of the theme, and I feel wakes up a deeper hunger for the Lord. – Marcelo

Music4Faith wrote: Desire to introduce the music of Italian Catholic composer Marco Frisina in the United States so that it can be widely recognized and sung in both religious and secular settings. I hope to network with other Catholic musicians to share the joy and inspiration of his music. Visit and our companion website for more information.

RonLambert wrote: I've been a Catholic music minister since 2007 and have recently moved from a large fully engaged parish to a remote area. I face the challenge of growing as a leader of the music ministry as well as a congregation that is very shy about singing! I'd love to connect with others and grow how I serve my new little parish. Read Full Story >>>

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