What is Your Favorite Pro-Life Song?

Nick Alexander here... Within the past week, there has been a steady stream of pro-life oriented songs. These are the songs that speak of the different voices surrounding life issues, from artists as varied as soft contemporary to jazz-infused rap. There's songs of joy and regret, love and forgiveness, strength and struggle. I was raised in a home that, in short, did not share these views. In fact, my mother was very vocal in the "women's rights" movement, and oftentimes would march for "our bodies, our selves." As a teenager, I became a huge fan of Steve Taylor. Of all the Christian rock that I listened to in the mid-80s, none spoke more persuasively about the sanctity of life. Because of his tenacity of addressing this issue amongst many songs, I was able to understand the importance of taking a stand for life, at all stages. Life is a gift, and regardless of one's circumstances, one must never presume that taking a life would be a solution to whatever trial one is facing. Of all the songs in Steve Taylor's repertoire, I find that Lifeboat (off of On the Fritz) is a novelty track that hits this point home. It demonstrates the frivolousness of teaching "values clarification", and that life could be measured by accomplishments. And any song that reminds me of "Joan Collins" gets an automatic recommendation in my book. Do you have a pro-life song worth sharing? Share your comments below. Our society is hungry to know more of these songs...
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