Top Ten Songs for Lent

Nick Alexander here... The songs were submitted, the votes have been cast, the community has spoken. What follows is the list for the top songs for Lent.

  1. Between Here and There by Sean Clive
    Our Journey of Lent begins with the first step. This song is a water walking song about complete faith and trust, surrendering ourselves to God when our world would scare us into despair. Step out of the boat. His hands are reaching out to you. He’s called you to come to him. That’s all you need. So, go. He will meet you…
  2. Lord, Hear My Prayer by Margo. B. Smith
    This is a song/prayer about praying for others and trusting in God and His mercy. As Christians we are to pray for each other and trust in God’s mercy to answer our prayers.
  3. A Simple Cry by Last Day
    Matt wrote these words down in a journal several years ago when he was suffering from a bout of depression. The song seems to make a strong connection with a lot of Last Day's fans.
  4. Turn My Heart by George Lower
    I had just heard a witness from a man who had felt that no one would be inspired by his story--he had had no great crisis in his life. Afterwards we were praying together in front of the Blessed Sacrament. I heard the words "Turn My Heart" in my head and I got up grabbed my guitar and left the chapel.
  5. Take, Lord, Receive by Gretchen Harris
    This is the classic song that was known and loved back in the day. The sentiment is timeless. Spirit Alive provides the backing vocals. Based on the prayer penned by St. Ignatius Loyola in the 16th century.
  6. If Today by George Lower
    "If Today" is a setting of Psalm 95 that I wrote when I was working the St. Patrick Life Teen ministry in Tampa, FL. It is definitely a favorite of mine as well as the communities where I have ministered.
  7. As The Deer Longs by Gretchen Harris
    Based on Psalm 42. One year I gave up TV for Lent and thought I couldn't live without seeing certain shows. What I came to learn was that the only thing I couldn't live without was Jesus Christ. This song has always portrayed a longing for Jesus that expressed what was in my heart.
  8. I Call To You by Lynn Geyer
    I've always loved this song and when it came time to choose the songs to accompany the text of Journey to Forgiveness I knew I would be working I Call to You into the mix.
  9. Too Late Have I Loved You by Nick Alexander
    According to musician Fr David Hemann, this is the best rendition of St. Augustine's prayer he had ever heard. (I am humbled by that). This was the "Serious" song on the otherwise comedic "Eternal Life: the Party Album", and it was a wonderful complement to the songs before.
  10. See Christ in All Things by Deacon Chuck Stevens
    This song was written during a retreat in 2004, and speaks of how Christ reveals Himself to us when we look at our own world - and stresses how death to our own self opens a space for Christ to fill, uniting our actions to His death and Resurrection.

Feel free to listen in to each of these songs, and make them your own. These iMixes are set up easily so that you can download them to your computer, and listen to them on your MP3 player... or you can burn them onto a CD and listen to them there. It will bring a greater sense of devotion to this most holy season.


These are all great songs

These are all great songs keep writing guys speard the word

I Want to download catholic

I Want to download catholic song... which website is best someone tell me please

We all need to be immersed in

We all need to be immersed in good songs to remember Jesus who loved us so much that he should suffer and die for us!

Traditional Lenten hymns

Traditional Lenten hymns – which ones are your favorites? On 2/19/2014 Nick Alexander wrote to members of three Catholic songwriter groups:

I am getting input from those who love traditional music as to what their favorite Lenten hymns may be. I have scoured through all the hymnals I have access to and listed all those which fit the Lenten theme. It is a considerable list – 129 in all. These hymns are so rich in poetry and theology, some written by Saints, some written by the greatest hymn-writers of all time. They are well worth rediscovery.

Once the survey is completed, I will use your responses to craft a podcast and an accompanying songbook that will be a great resource for worship musicians – traditional and contemporary – to include in their own circles.

Note #1: Songs that focus exclusively on the activities of Holy Week (Stabat Mater, O Sacred Head Once Wounded) will be used for a separate survey/project, used directly afterwards.

Note #2: Every single song listed here is in the public domain. If you have a favorite Lenten hymn that is not listed because it still is under copyright, share it anyway; it may make a future songbook resource.

Adoremus Te, Christe Again the time Appointed Thee Alas What Hourly Dangers Rise Approach, My Soul, The Mercy Seat Art Thou Weary As O'er The Past My Memory Strays Attende Domine Awhile In Spirit, Lord, To Thee Before Thy Throne O God Behold, Where In A Mortal Form By Precepts Taught of Ages Past By The Gracious Saving Call Christ Leads Me Christian! Dost Thou See Them Christian, Seek Not Yet Repose Christmas-Tide Hath Faded Wholly Come Thou Fount Of Every Blessing Come Unto Me, Ye Weary Come, Let Us Sit and Weep Come, Let Us To The Lord Our God Come, My Soul, Thy Suit Prepare Commit Thou All That Grieves Crux, Ave Benedicta Days And Moments Quickly Flying Dear Lord And Father of Mankind Father, Hear Thy Children's Call Father, Whate'er Of Earthly Blis Feeble, Helpless, How Shall I Fight the Good Fight Forty Days and Forty Nights From Ev'ry Stormy Wind That Blows From the Depths We Cry to Thee God of Mercy and Compassion God of Thy Pity, Unto Us Thy Children God the Father, God the Son God, My Father, Hear Me Pray Hark, My Soul! It Is The Lord Hasten, Sinner! To Be Wise Have Mercy, Lord, on Us Heal Me, O My Savior, Heal Hear O Thou Bounteous Maker, Hear How Oft, Alas! This Wretched Heart I Heard The Voice Of Jesus Say I Lay My Sins On Jesus I Need Thee Every Hour I Need Thee, Precious Jesus Iam Christe Sol Justitiae In Mercy, Not In Wrath In The Hour Of Trial Jesu, From Thy Throne On High Jesu, Lord Of Life And Glory Jesu, Still Lead On Jesus Christ Is Passing By Jesus Lover Of My Soul (Let Me To Thy Bosom Fly) Jesus, And Shall It Ever Be Jesus, Merciful And Mild, Lead Me As A Helpless Child Jesus, My God, Behold At Length Jesus, My Lord, My God, My All Jesus, My Saviour, Look On Me Jesus, Source Of My Salvation Jesus, the Sun of Ransomed Earth Jesus, the Very Thought of Thee Just As I Am Keep We the Fast That Men of Old Kind Maker of the World Laboring And Heavy Laden Lead Us Heavenly Father Lo! The Voice Of Jesus Lord Christ, When First Lord It Belongs Not To My Care Lord Jesus Christ, When First Thou Cam'st To Men Lord Jesus, Think On Me Lord Of Mercy And Compassion Lord Of Mercy And Of Might Lord, As To Thy Dear Cross We Flee Lord, For Ever At Thy Side Lord, I Hear Of Showers Of Blessing Lord, In This Thy Mercy's Day Lord, Our Strength And Righteousness Lord, Speak To Me Lord, When We Bend Before Thy Throne Lord, Who Throughout These Forty Days Lord, With Glowing heart Love Of Jesus, All Divine More Love To Thee, O Christ, Most Holy Lord And God My Faith Looks Up to Thee My God, Accept My heart My God, I Love Thee My God, My Father My Sins, My Sins, My Saviour My Soul With Patience Waits Now Are the Days of Humblest Prayer O For a Closer Walk with God O For a Heart to Praise O God of Truth O God, I Love Thee, Not That My Poor Love O Gracious God, In Whom I Live O Gracious Lord, Creator Dear O Help Us, Lord; Each Hour Of Need O Holy Savior, Friend Unseen O Jesu, Saviour Of The Lost O Jesus, I Have Promised O Jesus, Thou Art Standing O Lamb of God, Still Keep Me O Lord and Master of Us All O Love How Deep O Love That Wilt Not Let Me Go O Saviour, Precious Saviour O Sol Salutis Intimis O Thou Before Whose Presence O Thou In All Thy Might O Thou That Hear'st When Sinners Cry O Thou to Whose All-Searching Sight O Thou, From Whom All Goodness Flows O Thou, The Contrite Sinners' Friend Once More The Solemn Season Calls Only One Prayer Today Out Of The Deep I Call Parce Domine Praise to the Holiest Prayer is the Soul's Sincere Desire Prince Of Peace, Control My Will Rock of Ages Savior, Source Of Every Blessing Savior, When In Dust To Thee Saviour, Whom I Fain Would Love Sinful, Sighing To Be Blest Sinner, Rouse Thee From Thy Sleep Sinners! Turn, Why Will Ye Die Sole Hope of All the World Solemne Nos Jejunii Take Up Thy Cross Teach Us What Thy Love The Darkness Fleets, And Joyful Earth The Glory of These Forty Days There's A Wideness in God's Mercy Thou Hidden Love of God Thou Loving Maker of Mankind Thou, Lord, By Strictest Search Hast Known Through Him, Who All Our Sickness Felt Throughout These Forty Days O Lord Thy Chastening Wrath, O Lord, Restrain Thy Works, Not Mine, O Christ Turn Back, O Man Turned By Thy Grace, I Look Within Weary Of Earth, And Laden With My Sin Weary Of Wandering From My God When Jesus Wept When The Weary, Seeking Rest Wilt Thou Tread The Pathway Lowly With Broken Heart And Contrite Sigh

Are there other hymns you would like to suggest? Respond with a comment!

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