Matt Maher Likes "Speak O Lord"

Nick Alexander here... I just discovered this song. I think it is a tremendous example of great, modern hymnwriting. Apparently, Matt Maher thinks so too... Full lyrics are available HERE.


This is a nice discovered

This is a nice discovered Matt Maher you are right is a good example of how the Lord change you mind when you believe in him and is I nice connection of how we can change the church. What a beautiful voice of Kith Getty singing Speak, O Lord as we come to you the I like the combination of the ideas that Stuart Townerd had when the create this song I can imagine how will be life if we only listen to his voice some time is very hard to be obedience to the World of God thank you for charring this interview with us.

Very good post, thanks a lot.

Very good post, thanks a lot.
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