Last Day and Catholic Underground (Chicago)

CATHOLIC UNDERGROUND (Chicago) is held on the first Thursday of (nearly) every month. It is hosted by the JP2 Newman Center at University of Illinois Chicago, right in the heart of downtown Chicago. It started in September 2008and runs during the academic school year at UIC. It is produced by Spirit Juice Studios Catholic Underground was originally started by the Franciscan Friars of the Renewal, and was a direct response to a call that began with Pope John Paul II, and is continued by Pope Benedict XVI. Pope John Paul II said that because the Gospel lives in conversation with culture, we must be fearless in crossing the cultural threshold of the communication and information revolution now taking place. Each Catholic Underground consists of three parts: PART 1 - Eucharistic adoration, which provides a window for each person to personally encounter Jesus Christ. PART 2 – The showcasing of Catholic artists which includes music, poetry, visual art dancers, film, etc. Here we experience the “new evangelization”. PART 3 - Food and Drinks are provided for fellowship with each other. Here is a video of the band Last Day at Catholic Underground.
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World Youth Day Videos

Nick Alexander here... Were you there? Did you catch any of it? Have you read the texts of Pope Benedict XVI's messages? Here's some incredible footage I've discovered on YouTube. Enjoy. Stations of the Cross Refiner's Fire / I Love You Lord Your Grace is Enough Prayer Street Warriors (Hip Hop)

World Youth Day - Receive the Power

Nick Alexander here... This is a video of the official theme song for World Youth Day 2008. Guy Sebastian, who sings this track, won Australian Idol. Paulini adds very beautiful support. This is a very well produced single that is both very reverential and strong lyrics. Sadly, I could not find this song on iTunes. If anybody has any information as to how to download this song, please feel free to leave it in the comments.

Chris D'Alfanso's Blueprints

Courtesy of Chris D'Alfanso, and filmed on the island of Malta.

Matt Maher Likes "Speak O Lord"

Nick Alexander here... I just discovered this song. I think it is a tremendous example of great, modern hymnwriting. Apparently, Matt Maher thinks so too... Full lyrics are available HERE.

Video: Sanctify by Annie Karto

Annie Karto writes... This song came about as prayerful plea, asking the Holy Spirit to "sanctify" my life. We are the "work of His Hands," His dwelling place. How awesome to think about! A man named Jim Page heard the song, and made a beautiful video to accompany the song, posting it on You Tube.

Grapevine Videocast: Fire at John Michael Talbot's Hermitage

Presented by GrapeVine, this video tells the story in pictures and music about the tragic fire that struck the Little Portion Hermitage, home to the Brothers and Sisters of Charity, founded by monk and well-known Catholic recording artist John Michael Talbot. This simple slide show portrays the hermitage before and after the fire, and provides information where you can go and donate to their building fund. There is also an audio podcast that goes along with this video - you can find it at Please join in prayer as the Brothers and Sisters of Charity seek God’s will in the rebuilding of the Little Portion Hermitage.

Ave Maria Video

Nick Alexander here... Annie Karto has a beautiful video based on her rendition of the Ave Maria. Check it out!

Song for Karol

Nick Alexander here... In honor of the third anniversary of Karol Wojtyla's passing (aka Pope John Paul II), Mark Mallett has created this exceptional video. Be sure to check out Mark Mallett's website.

Videos for the Triduum

Nick Alexander here... Thought you all might enjoy some exceptional videos for Holy Week.
Eyes by Nancy Krebs
Oh My People by APOSTOLICA
We Need the Cross by Bryan Murdaugh
Sorrowful by Point 5 Covenant

Pro-Life Video

Courtesy of the uber-talented Robert Galea, from Australia.

Epiphany Lullaby

Courtesy of the friendly folks at NewCatholicMusic-dot-com. They will be selling the sheet music there too.
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