Look To the Chair of Peter

We are blessed to have Spirit-directed and Christ-ordained leadership.  This is the topic of this song, "Look To the Chair of Peter".  This is a parody of a Chinese Communist Party song titled "Sailing the Seas Depends on the Helmsman."  Part of Mao Zedong's cult of personality, it had lines in it like "Just as melons need the vine so China needs Mao."  This ridiculous distortion of Christ's "I am the vine and you are the branches" in John 15:5 was just dying to be commented on.  I place it here for you along with its special B-side, "Stars, How Do You Feel About Being Small?"


Look to the Chair

Good parodies that can help lead the faithful as well as converts to Paradise. The second YouTube is not "Stars, How Do You Feel About Being Small?". It is "Look to the Chair".

Thank you, Richard

Thank you, Richard!  I think my intention with the second YouTube was to give a link to the full single which includes a B-side.  The B-side, the second song, is "Stars, How Do You Feel About Being Small?" but I might have messed up.  There will probably be a lyric video for that in the next couple weeks which I'll post separately.  Thank you again!

The B side

I still can't find the B side. Both YouTubes are of the same 2:04 song "Look to the Chair of Peter". Am I missing something?


Richard Schletty | Schletty Design and Music | www.schletty.com

Our oops

Nope you're not missing anything -- apparently I can only embed one track at a time via YouTube. I'll post a direct link at a later point. Glad you pointed this out! 

Two YouTubes fixed

I placed the correct YouTube URL for "Stars, How Do You Feel About Being Small?" Now you can see the two videos side by side. – Richard

Richard Schletty | Schletty Design and Music | www.schletty.com

Thank you!

Is Drupal your middle name? Hahaha - thanks for your help! 

My middle name...

My middle name is Cecil, not Drupal. I am actually much more adept with WordPress.

Richard Schletty | Schletty Design and Music | www.schletty.com

Cecil as a middle name

I like it.  And especially so when compared to Drupal or WordPress.  Haha! 

Very Good

I enjoyed the two new ones, can't wait for the full album to be released. 
The "Stars" song has good instrumental breaks in it, is this one a paradody of another song too?
Keep up the good work!

Thank you, Brian!

Much appreciated.  "Stars, How Do You Feel About Being Small?" is original, but I recorded another form of it a long time ago.  I was inspired by watching PBS and there was some program that mentioned a child's artwork and the title of the artwork was the same as the song.  I just loved the phrase.  I used it with some music I had written even before that in my high school days in the piano practice rooms - this part is the instrumental breaks you're hearing.  If it sounds lifted or like a parody, I assure you that's how I write hahahaha - but to my knowledge there's no communist song similar to this style.  Some friends told me it sounds like a video game soundtrack they play.  As far as the full project, there's probably only one other parody song like the others, called "I Am a Priest" which will come out after the New Year.  There is another original called "Animal Anthem" and then at that point I might be ready to put the whole concept together.  Thanks again for the comment!

Glad you wrote it!

I thought the music in it was the best one so far, I was just afraid to mention it in case it was a parody. It didnt' sound like anything I had heard before, but I didn't grow up listening to communist propaganda anthems either.   It does have a soundtrack feel to it, which is cool. Thanks for the back story, that is a great title. 


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