Happy New Year? How about Happy New Eve! Catholic Marian EDM "Praise to the New Eve (Guadalupe Mix)"

Electronic Dance Mix (Slap House) of "Praise to the New Eve".  This is part of our parody art project that reimagines Communist propaganda songs as Catholic anthems.  Thanks in advace for checkin this out!



Lookout Confirmation Retreat After Parties!

When I was a teen, our band played at our church's lock ins and retreats. Those probably aren't going on now due to COVID restrictions, and DJs have long replaced bands for the most part anyhow. So if I was a kid at a retreat now, I would be requesting this jam from the DJ. 
You could probably do a an entire album in this style and push it out to youth ministers, I think that would work. 

Good thought

Thanks for sharing that. I didn't grow up Catholic so have no notion of how it would have been. I think I'll probably do more mixes like this. It works better for contemporary Catholic music circles (Lee O'Day at KSWZ had a strong reaction to it - hi Lee if you're reading this!) and it's inexpensive to have done (I don't do things much myself). Plus it evergreens the project longer. Only one more communist parody single left! Thanks for the continuing encouragement. 

Slap House

You are rockin' Mother Mary! Good ups. I must admit that I never heard of Slap House. I found this interesting article:


Do you know that we have had some contributions of Catholic Metal here at TCS?


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