I'd appreciate your thoughts and suggestions for improving I took over as admin and webmaster in January 2014. I am excited to promote Catholic Christian music, and am happy to be working with this CMS (content management system) site which is built with Drupal – a learning experience for me! I am free to refocus/reshape the site in any way I see fit. I will be depending on input I get from God-hearted folks. Richard Schletty, creative admin

Posting Catholic Music

This comment has been promoted to a Forum Topic here. Hello Richard, this is Dan of SpiritN3D, living and working in Dubai, UAE. Although the UAE is in the Middle East and is 98% Muslim, would you believe one of the largest Catholic parishes in the world is located here?? That's right...Saint Mary's. There are approximately 250,000 parishoners attending mass each weekend. 30 masses every weekend starting on Friday morning through Sunday evening!!. Just wanted to say that I like your site. As a Catholic musician, I'd like a place on the site to upload some music by independent artists such as myself. Peace~~~Dan


Looking good so far

Maybe more photos and videos. The site is text heavy.

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