Exposure to over 560,000 with CCM Digital Magazine!

From the Indieheaven blog: http://www.indieheaven.com/blog/?p=1021 Get exposure to over 560,000 with CCM Digital Magazine! The CCM Digital Magazine is a great way for you to get your information in front of tons of new people, and is a very limited offer! CCM Magazine has asked me to let Christian indie artists, bands, worship leaders know about this incredible opportunity! Here’s stats on CCM Digital Magazine: * It is the industry leading magazine, exposing label artists and events for the past 35 years! * It is sent to 1,000,000 subscribers! * Digital PDF Delivery, which doesn’t get lost or eaten by the dog! * These are fans of Christian music, industry people, churches, festivals, radio, and others! Here’s How It Works We purchase a full page in the magazine we call “The Indie Corner,” and split it into 6 slots for independent artists to promote their music and mission at a highly reduced rate. Each of the 6 artists will have their picture, up to 50 word bio/description of their music and mission, and a link of their choosing to their website. [read more]
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