In Your Son Abide

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The humble and poor in spirit eagerly await the Lord's coming in joyful Hope!

Father in your Son we abide
And in his church his holy bride
Through him, you give us all grace
In him, we see/adore your holy face

In every time and place
Your saints reveal your holy face
Leading us in your ways
In what they do and what they say

Like Pope St. John Paul the second
Showed us the way to heaven
Who is your son the living truth
The way of sacrificial love leading to you
No matter our state in life
priest, monk, husband, or wife
We must live in daily
humility and joyful love and charity
When evil grows and options few
We pray, hope, and trust in you
You will not let us be
Tested beyond our ability
Your Spirit is always teaching 
Especially  when in prayer listening     
He gives us joy and consolation                   
And fortitude in tribulation                 

Your Spirit leads us into the future
He helps us to live  in your living presence
To live in your most holy will
And leads us in works of mercy

Inciting all wars and hatred
is our pride, greed, and demonds
Help us to be more humble
And cast out all demons our enemies

As your poor/humble people awaited
Your first coming eagerly
So now your poor/humble people await
Your second coming in patient longing

Glory to the Father and to the Son
and to the Holy Spirit
As it was and is now
And will be forever Amen

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