Finishing up the engraved score. Overview


Finishing up an engraved score in Sibelius 6

Starting today, I will create regular posts, explaining how I take an engraved score and it parts and make it publishing/printer ready. I will explain how to prepare and export a midi file from the main score that can be used in your Digital Audio Workstation. We will take a look under the hood to see how and why Sibelius does what it does and how we can adjust these settings to your own wishes.

This course is developed on a Mac, therefore the screenshots and video’s you will see are showing a Mac environment. The workflow however will be exactly the same when working under Windows.

The course is split up into three parts:

Part one: in which we make the main score print/publishing ready.

  1. Creating the publisher’s house style.
  2. Importing the publisher’s House Style.
  3. Using wildcards.
  4. Text: Naming and positioning the title, subtitle, instrument name, lyricist name, composer name, footer and header according to the publisher’s wishes.
  5. Cue notes: give the solo player some visual hints.
  6. Paginating: creating the pages layout and page turns.
  7. Adjusting the top & bottom staff margins.
  8. Object Check: reposition incorrect placed and colliding objects.
  9. Staff spacing: create an equal distance between the staves.
  10. Proof reading: compare the engraving note by note with the source score to be sure that the engraving is done correctly.
  11. Final Check, making the last and mostly subtle adjustments.
  • Part two: in which we make sure that the main score is playing back correctly and exporting it as a midi file which you can open in your DAW.
  • Part three: in which we extract the instrument parts from the main score and make them print/publishing ready.

We will work on a score from a fictional publisher named “Publishing Anonymous”. If you want to follow along with the files used in this course, you can download them here:

See you in the next post!




Finishing up the engraved main score

Andre, thank you for continuing to post your Sibelius engraving tips.

Richard Schletty | Schletty Design and Music |

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