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Author: Richard Schletty

The Ministry of Brothers of Heart in Peace and Sound. Anderson wrote: "I'm a Catholic musician since 1999. Nowadays I'm playing electric guitar in a band named 'Irmãos de corração'."

Author: Andre van Haren

Music theory tutorials by André van Haren, starting with the basics. 

Note that the YouTube video here is a playlist. Click on "hamburger" icon in upper left corner of YouTube video to select lessons, or let them auto-play. I will be adding lessons to this playlist in the days and weeks to come. Follow along!

Visit Andre's music site at

Author: Richard Schletty

Sung by Richard at St. Mary's in St. Paul, Minnesota. Text: Ernest E. Ryden, 1886-1981, alt., © sts. l-3, Lutheran Church in America, © st.4, 1958, Service Book and Hymnal. Tune: O WALY WALY, LM; English; harm. by Martin West, b.1929, © 1983, Hope Publishing Co.

Author: Richard Schletty

From Jeff Ostrowski at the Corpus Christi Watershed website:

Learn how to sing in an SATB multi-part choir!

Get started by downloading the PDF below:

PDF Download • GUERRERO KYRIE “Part C”

Then sing along with the YouTube videos at

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Author: Richard Schletty

O Christ, the Great Foundation. Lyrics: T. T. Lew. Tune: AURELIA. Sung at St. Mary's Church on 8/13/2016. More at

O Christ, the great foundation
On which your people stand
To preach Your true salvation
In every age and land:
Pour out Your Holy Spirit
To make us strong and pure,
To keep the faith unbroken
As long as worlds endure.

Baptized in one confession,
One church in all the earth,
We bear our Lord's impression,
The sign of...

Author: Richard Schletty

A new Mass that is inspiring, versatile and engaging:

Mass of Christ, Light of the Nations by Tony Alonso

With a through-composed and verse/refrain Gloria, SAB choir plus descant, and instrumentation for two C instruments, trumpet, cello, piano or organ, Mass of Christ, Light of the Nations offers a wide variety of texture possibilities and is an effective setting for any ensemble. Accessible for the choir and congregation alike, it will quickly become a favorite that you return to continually throughout the liturgical year...

Author: Richard Schletty

The Signs of the Times is a peace song which relates to the events of the world today. Soloist: Janice Hoang Dispo.

Words and Music by: Edgar Villavert Combong © 2013

When I see the signs of the times
I asked myself about tomorrow
Shall I see white clouds and skies of blue
Amid the winds of war that men blow

Author: Richard Schletty

Join the Music Ministry Alive! family as we celebrate our eighteenth year of fostering the growth of young pastoral musicians! Come sing and celebrate with youth from around the country and beyond!

Saturday, July 30th at 7:30 PM

$17 advance tickets available at
$20 at the door
The O'Shaughnessy Auditorium
St. Catherine University, St. Paul, Minnesota, USA

Author: Richard Schletty

From Jeff Ostrowski at Corpus Christi Watershed:

I am currently working on a hymnal project, which—among other things—entails pouring through thousands of pages from old Catholic hymnals. Some hymns I discover are sentimental and low quality, while others are quite inspiring. Whenever possible, I’ll share these books with our readers. Some of our planned releases will astound you! On the other hand, some books are interesting primarily from a Catholic historian’s point of view.

HERE'S A RARE HYMNAL from 1937 you might enjoy downloading and glancing through:


Author: Richard Schletty

From Jeff at Corpus Christi Watershed...

VERY FEW CHOIRS can sing Allegri's Miserere Mei as it should be sung. (Come to think of it, Corpus Christi Cathedral did it cori spezzation Good Friday a few years ago—and it was marvelous.)
With small choirs in mind, fifteen years ago I adapted this piece for a setting of the "Agnus Dei." So many have asked for it over the years, I made it available today:
* ...

Author: Richard Schletty

July 12, 2016 - ADVENT
St. James Music Press


We know that some of you guys and gals have already planned all your Advent music and are already looking at Easter 2017! (You know who you are...) But for those of you who are looking for a wonderful new Advent service, (or a fresh way to present your Advent Lessons and Carols, here it is.

Darkness to Light: A Liturgy of Advent Lessons and Carols

Throughout history, the Church kept Advent as a season of great solemnity - a time in which to meditate upon the ultimate issues of death, judgement, hell and heaven. Advent, though, was also a time of great rejoicing, for Christ would come, not only as Judge, but also as Savior, and would usher in the Kingdom of God. Advent, therefore,...

Author: Richard Schletty

"I Long for You / As Morning Breaks" composed by Balhoff, Daigle and Ducote. © 1981 Damean Music. 

Let me tell you about my experience this week with the above song (first published in 1981). 

I lead singing (often with both voice and nylon guitar) at one and sometimes two churches on weekends. We chose this setting by Balhoff, Daigle and Ducote for the 12th Sunday in Ordinary Time. Note that the original was written in 4/4 time. Well, my keyboard player at St. Mary's, Larry, had done an adaptation in 3/4 (waltz) time several years ago for a Polka Mass. He sent me his Sibelius score and a...

Author: Richard Schletty

Composed by Balhoff, Daigle and Ducote. © 1981 Damean Music. Performed and mixed by Richard Schletty (vocals and guitar) in his basement studio. 

Note: After posting this, I realized that the 3/4 arrangement I received from my piano player was adapted for a Polka Mass. I will re-record at the the original 4/4 meter.

Read about the composers here:

Author: Richard Schletty

From Fabrizio Ferrari at Sheet Music Direct:

With Father's Day just around the corner, we have hand-selected 20 of the very best songs about fatherhood, from Luther Vandross' beautiful tribute to his Dad Dance With My Father, to Stevie Wonder's Isn't She Lovely - celebrating the birth of his first daughter, Aisha.

Give your Dad the gift of music this Father's Day!

Go to

Author: Richard Schletty

Edgar Villavert Combong sent a message to me about his song. I like it. The song does need better mastering to bring out the voices more. - Richard Schletty

"Please check my You Tube submission entitled, "TO JESUS, THRU MARY", and see if you like it.  This song was used for the Women's Cursillo theme song and has been used in some catholic churches in the San Francisco/Bay Area. The song was recorded by the St. Joseph (Church) Youth Choir, Pinole, California. Thank you."

YouTube description: A special song dedicated to our beloved and blessed Mother Mary. Performed by The St. Joseph Youth Choir, Pinole,...

Author: Richard Schletty

The article below is from Jeff Ostrowski at Corpus Christi Watershed. 

Fifty Tips For Training Amateur Choirs

EARLIER THIS WEEK, I promised to release my 98-minute speech online if we could garner enough pledges to donate $30 to Corpus Christi Watershed. I’m so grateful to everyone who made a pledge, and we met our goal. This talk was delivered live at the 2016 Sacred Music Symposium, and here’s the recording:


Author: Richard Schletty

This is a traditional Ambrosian chant style version, as written by Benoit. See my uptempo, guitar-driven version in 6/8 meter which I posted at this site. 

Where Charity and Love Prevail

Author: Richard Schletty

This is a 6/8 meter version of a song that is usually sung in a more fluid chant style. See the traditional Ambrosian chant version which I posted at...

Author: Richard Schletty

This project is a virtual collaboration between Richard Schletty (Minnesota, USA) and Hendrik Steiner and Karl Anselm (Germany). It's an Art Rock album which combines classical and progressive stylings with lyrics that speak of love, contentment, loss, hope, social justice, earth care, dreams and spirituality. Direct link:

Thank you for listening and for your support.

Author: Richard Schletty

Psalm 8 - Trinity Sunday - cycle C
Composed and performed by Richard Schletty This is my submission to the Sunday Psalm

Guitar and voice version:

Piano and voice version:

Song lead sheet (PDF), piano + voice staff notation (PDF) and two audio file...