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Growing up I attended Catholic school. We use to sing Waiting by the Window around Christmas. i am looking to find it to play for my kids. Is there an artist who has recorded this song. Who is the original composer? Any info would be great. 



Waiting by the Window – the correct song!

Kelly wrote to me and said I had probably found the wrong song (as posted above). Here is what Kelly wrote:

I was trying to post a comment but was unable. I have worked at several catholic schools over the years and one of the songs we used at advent time in the 90's was 'waiting by the window'. I don't believe this is the same song you referenced. The words of the chorus are as follows:
Waiting by the window (echo: waiting by the window)
Hope he's going to come soon (echo)
Hope that he can see me (echo)
Waiting by the window (echo) 
just like the people of long ago.
Waiting here for Jesus (echo)...
And that's where I forget the rest of the words :) Anyway, I would love to know who wrote it and where I can get a copy for the school I am at now. 

Using key phrases from Kelly's lyrics, I found this YouTube video posted by Saint Benedict School:

I invite visitors here do some further searching and find full lyrics and/or sheet music for this song.


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Waiting by the Window: "Gonna Catch That Santa"

Angela, I found a song that may be the one you are looking for. It's called Gonna Catch That Santa, written by Andy Beck and Brian Fisher.

Gonna Catch That Santa sheet music and audio preview: http://www.stantons.com/sheet-music/title/gonna-catch-that-santa/23569/

Gonna Catch That Santa (link to a Word doc)

Here are a few YouTube performances (also embedded at the bottom of my post): 




It appears to be written for two groups of singers – part 1 and part 2.

Gonna Catch That Santa

Pt. 1: Shh!    Pt. 2: Quiet.

Pt. 1: Santa Claus is comin’, comin’ Christmas Eve.
Gonna catch a glimpse of him, prove he’s not just make believe.

Pt. 2: Lure him down the chimney, with the smell of food.
Cookies and a glass of milk, gonna catch that Santa dude.

Lookin’ for Santa Claus high and low.
Listen for Santa Claus ‘ho, ho, ho.’
Searchin’ for Santa Claus left and right.
Where could he be tonight?

Here’s our secret mission, here’s our clever plan:
meet me by the Christmas tree, gonna catch that Santa man.

Pt. 1: Shh!                                                               Pt. 2: Quiet.

Doo--- doo be doot                                             Waiting by the window,
Doo--- doo be  doot                                            Watching in the sky,
Doo-ooo-ooo-ooo                                              Trying not to fall asleep,
                                                                         Gonna catch that Santa guy.

Listen for the sleigh-bells,                               Doo--- doo be doot
Hear them jingle-ing.                                        Doo--- doo be doot
Santa Claus is almost here,                             Doo-ooo-ooo-ooo
Gonna do his Santa thing.                               ……………………. QUIET!

Lookin’ for Santa Claus high and low.
Listen for Santa Claus ‘ho, ho, ho.’
Searchin’ for Santa Claus left and right.
Where could he be tonight?

When you hear the reindeer, and their reindeer paws,
Then you know the time has come,
Pt. 1: Gonna catch that Santa,  Pt. 2: Catch that Santa,
Catch  --- that --- San --- ta --- Claus.

Santa Claus---  Santa Claus---

That’s him!

Richard Schletty | Schletty Design and Music | www.schletty.com

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