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Who Am I to You? by Abraham Gross, featuring Connor Flanagan and Dan Minogue

Who Am I to You? by Abraham Gross, featuring Connor Flanagan and Dan Minogue

Words from Abraham:

"Hi! I love praising Jesus. I grew up playing guitar, writing music and singing. I met Jesus in 2008. In 2009 I lived with songwriter Ed Conlin, who pushed me to learn to lead worship. Since then I have served and led worship with Saint Paul's Outreach. I currently serve as their National Worship Coordinator. I would love to lead worship at your next event!"

Book Abraham Gross for a gig at the website

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Taste and See, based on Psalm 33 (Paul F. Page)

Here is a story showing my progress in learning "Taste and See" – from my initial slow, choppy guitar exploration (first YouTube video), to my basement studio recording and mixdown using Paul's excellent, flowing piano track (second YouTube video), to our presentation at Mass on 2nd Sunday of Lent (audio file attachment at end of story). You can also download a piano soundtrack MP3 file and sing along or make your own recording (which I encourage you to share with us). 

Paul F. PageTaste and See, based on Psalm 33, was composed by Paul F. Page (pictured at left). Visit Paul's awesome music site:

Download the sheet music and an MP3 audio demo using the links at end of story. Vocals and archtop guitar: Richard Schletty. Piano: Paul Page. Mixed in Apple Logic Pro X by Richard.

The third attachment, Taste and See-Paul Page-St. Mary.mp3, is our live presentation at St. Mary's Church at 4:30 Mass on 3/11/2017.

See this article – lots of free sheet music available for soloists, choirs and organists: Free Catholic music scores and audio samples composed by Paul F. Page

Taste And See (based on Psalm 33)

Taste and see that the Lord is sweet. 
Blessed is the one who comes to Him. 
The blessed Lord is our refuge. He is our shield. 
Praise and honor Him! Praise the Lord!

1. I will bless the Lord at all times. 
I will sing His praises evermore.
In the Lord forever shall my soul find...  Read Full Story >>>

Holy Spirit

Chorus:  Oh, Holy Spirit
Call on children of the world

Verse 1:  Oh, Holy Spirit, call on children of the world
Be shine and bright
Day and night, walk in the light of Christ.

Verse 2:  Oh, Holy Spirit, call on children of the world
Listen to inner voices of Holy Spirit
Day and night, walk in the truth of Christ.

Verse 3:  Oh, Holy Spirit, children of the world
Follow the call of Holy Spirit
Day and night, walk in the way of Christ. Psalm 33 for 2nd Sunday of Lent

Psalm 33: Lord, Let Your Mercy Be on Us for 2nd Sunday of Lent, by Gabby Banzon

Based on Ps 33:4-5, 18-19, 20, 22

Gabby is featured this week at Here is her psalm arrangement for the 2nd Sunday of Lent. Check her out at


Chicago born and Atlanta grown, Gabby Banzon is a music therapist, songwriter, and worship leader living in Denton, TX. She grew up playing a variety of instruments in both school ensembles and charismatic worship teams. Gabby graduated from Georgia College & State University in 2014 with...  Read Full Story >>>

Psalm 51: Be Merciful - Michael Corsini

An email blast sent to me by Michael Corsini. 

Sundays with the Artist


Some pretty intimate prayer time in these new videos... definitely a late night, and the only time I have to write or create art these days!

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Psalm 62: Rest in God - Michael Corsini

An email blast sent to me by Michael Corsini. 

Sundays with the Artist


Some pretty intimate prayer time in these new videos... definitely a late night, and the only time I have to write or create art these days!

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GIA Fall Institute: helping to form fine musicians

I received a notice from GIA Publications, Inc. – TCS editor Richard Schletty

The GIA Fall Institute, October 12–14, 2017

Celebrating 75 years of encouraging musical excellence in the church and classroom.

With our history firmly grounded in the education of musicians, in this, our seventy-fifth Anniversary year, GIA is going back to its roots. Our Fall Institute is a conference in celebration of our mission to aid in the formation of fine musicians.

The conference will offer an assortment of skill building and enrichment workshops on subjects like choral rehearsal techniques, conducting, pastoral music, leadership, liturgy, theology, organ, piano, and spirituality. There will also be plenum addresses, ecumenical prayer opportunities celebrating the 500th anniversary of the Reformation, along with sacred and secular choral reading sessions.
Feel free to contact us with your questions at


James Jordan, Featured Clinician

GRAMMY®-nominated conductor James Jordan is recognized and praised around the musical world as one of America’s pre-eminent conductors, writers and innovators in choral music. He was described as a “visionary” by...  Read Full Story >>>

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Holy Flame

More $10 anthems from St. James Music Press

Details here: St. James Music Press $10 Anthem Program

Here are two $10 anthems for the week. You may download these without becoming a subscriber. If you choose to use one or both, the cost is $10 (per-anthem please...) Just send them a check. Then make whatever copies you need and put it in your library.

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Can You Count the Stars? - Robert J. Powell

Unison Children's Choir and keyboard. Bright, cheerful, and fun. Easily learned with a wonderful text. So, you need something for your children's choir to sing on Mother's Day? Look no further! We have an alternate 2nd verse that will bring a tear to every mama's eye...

The Lord's My Shepherd - William Roger Price

Two-Part Choir and Keyboard (organ or piano) with optional C Instrument. Brother James Air is the famous tune associated with this text, and here it is offered in an EASY arrangement by Roger Price. A two-part equal voice setting in exact canon. The optional instrumental descant will... Psalm 51 for 1st Sunday of Lent, Cycle A

MP3 Music Playlist: 
Psalm 51 for 1st Sunday of Lent, Cycle A, by James Perkins

Based on Ps 51:3-4, 5-6, 12-13, 17

This is James' first time writing for Please give him some love for this great psalm arrangement for the 1st Sunday of Lent. Check him out at


An Atlanta native, James has been involved in church ministry and music production for almost 10 years. As a published songwriter and freelance worship leader, his desire is to guide the new generation of believers deeper into the heart of Christianity.

A graduate of the Hugh Hodgson School of Music at the University of...  Read Full Story >>>

Music Ministry Alive, July 25-30, 2017

Please visit:

Download PDF of MMA flyer here.

Music Ministry Alive! is an annual five-day summer institute held at St. Catherine University in St. Paul, Minnesota, for youth and adult leaders who have a passion for liturgical music and the desire to serve as ministers in their parishes and schools. This experience is open to any young person entering their 10th, 11th, or 12th grade year in high school or their first or second year of college. Applicants should be presently involved in music ministry in their parish or school and have a desire to deepen that commitment. An adult track is also offered for adult leaders who are involved in... Read Full Story >>>

Los Angeles Religious Education Congress 2017: watch live streamed events

The Los Angeles Religious Education Congress
Thursday, February 23 - Sunday, February 26, 2017

Click here to watch live streamed events!

Going to the Congress? Make sure to stop by the GIA booth in the exhibit hall!

See original anouncement from GIA here.

Los Angeles Religious Education Congress events include:

  • With Gratitude: An Evening Celebrating the Liturgical Music of David Haas, Marty Haugen, and Michael Joncas: Friday, February 24, 8:00 p.m., Arena. This event will mark the very last time David, Marty, and Michael will appear and sing together as a trio. Come to sing, pray, and celebrate a collaborative and ministerial friendship of over 30 years!
  • Voices of Angels: Saturday, February 25, 1:00 p.m.–2:30 p.m., Arena. Liam Lawton, Tony Alonso, Jeanne Cotter, Chris de Silva, and Rob Galea present Voices of Angels, an opportunity to reflect on the place of angels in our lives and how God communicates to us through them. Based on Holy Scripture, the Catechism of the Church and the writings of the saints and mystics, the role and presence of angels is explored through Word, music, and prayer, inviting participants to embrace and renew our relationships with this beautiful gift of God.
  • Tony Alonso: Eucharist: Broken Open in Everyday Life... 

Frequency Spectrum Analysis of A Cup of Cold Water - Catholic MTR

I thought it would be interesting to view the Frequency Spectrum of Wave PCM signed 32 bit, 48 kHz, 3072 kbit/sec Audio files I used to create a Playlist on YouTube of my new Album.  Below you will find a Color Visualization of that Playlist.  I hope you enjoy watching and listening to it.  MTR

Something New is coming to the iTunes Store | MTR

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