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Jon Niven and LIFT Ministries

Top Ten Children's Songs

Nick Alexander here... Once again, the Top Catholic Songs Community had banded together to nominate, vote and rank the Top Ten Children's Songs. We had a great time listening to these submissions, and we hope you enjoy the music here as well! 1. Standin' on the Rock by Mike Harrison featuring Greg Walton
Old-time rock and roll exhorting kids to stand firm in their Catholic faith, unified with the Pope and Christ's Church. 2. R.C.I.A. by Nick Alexander
This song shows Catholic children how special their faith is, that people would go to great lengths to enter their church. And, they love the funny hand motions! 3. Tantum Ergo / Adoration by Christ Music Kids
An accessible introduction to St. Thomas Aquinas' Hymn for benediction, with a stirring refrain in English. 4. Your Grace Is Enough by Christ Music Kids
"Remember Your people, remember Your children, remember Your promise, O God!" 5. Saint Michael by Mike Harrison featuring Sal Solo

An energy-filled rendition of the St. Michael prayer that will launch your kids into spiritual battle! 6. I Can Hear the Angels Singing by Celeste Zepponi

"A multitude of holy angels, I can hear them, can you hear? Singing to God eternally!" 7. Bread of Life by Christ Music Kids

It takes a child-like faith to look at the Eucharist and say, "Jesus, You are the Bread of Life." 8. Little Way (St. Therese of Lisieux) by Fr. Kent O'Connor

St. Therese is a favorite saint for many people, including myself. Her "Little Way" is a child-freindly spirituality. 9. Fill Me, O God by Christ Music Kids

"Pour out Your Holy love and reach me O God; Let my heart be Yours." 10. So I Ask by Sean Clive

A song that helps your child say, "God, please help me today... all day... I'm going to need it." Let these songs minister to you and your WHOLE FAMILY!

Guest List: Nicholas Cole's Favorite Songs

  1. Boom Bip by Point 5 Covenant from Listen. Learn.
  2. Lift Up Your Eyes by Keith Roberts from This Time Around
  3. Jesus Loves Me from Little Lamb Lullabies
  4. Are You Amazed? by Bob Rice from Shining Like the Son (Best of 1996-2005)
  5. Alleluia (Raise Your Voice) by News At Eleven from Here Till the End
  6. Mary's Got My Back by Sarah Bauer from Lead Me Home
  7. hope4thenew by manuel3 from Catholic Soul Revolution
  8. Transubstantiation by Nick Alexander from A Time to Laugh
  9. Communion by Gretchen Harris from Sign of Love
  10. Take Up Your Cross by Tajci Tatiana from I Thirst - the Crucifixion Story
Nicholas Cole is the former owner of Catholic Tuneage. He has selected this Top 10 list from some of his favorite Catholic albums. These songs are really a cross section of his life over the past couple of years. Four years ago when he founded Catholic Tuneage, lullabies would have never made the list, but now that he has two children they have become quite important to his music selections. But, even with the kiddos, you still cannot shake Catholic rap from the #1 spot!

Matt Maher Likes "Speak O Lord"

Nick Alexander here... I just discovered this song. I think it is a tremendous example of great, modern hymnwriting. Apparently, Matt Maher thinks so too... Full lyrics are available HERE.

Corpus Christi (Solemnity of Body and Blood) from Spirit & Song

A selection of songs for Corpus Christi (Solemnity of Body and Blood) from OCP/Spirit & Song. 

Anima Christi Charles Thatcher

Ave Verum Corpus Clark Mallory

Ave Verum Corpus Wolfgang Mozart

Ave Verum Corpus Andrew Wright

Ave Verum Corpus Scot Crandal

Soul of Christ/Anima Christi Carey Landry

Glorifica al Señor, Jerusalén Alberto Taulé

Praise the Lord, Jerusalem Owen Alstott

O Sacrum Convivium Robert Parker

Anima Christi Charles Thatcher

Ave Verum Corpus Clark Mallory

Ave Verum Corpus Wolfgang Mozart

Ave Verum Corpus Andrew Wright

Ave Verum Corpus Scot Crandal

Soul of Christ/Anima Christi Carey Landry

Glorifica al Señor, Jerusalén Alberto Taulé

Praise the Lord, Jerusalem Owen Alstott

O Sacrum Convivium Robert Parker

Jesu, Dulcis Memoria

The Body of Christ John Schiavone

This Body of Christ Laurence Rosania

Ang Katawan ni Kristo/Behold, the Body of Christ Ricky Manalo

Somos el Cuerpo de Cristo/We Are the Body of Christ Jaime Cortez

More Corpus Christi-themed songs at

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Grapevine Video - Top Ten Mary Songs

Courtesy of Grapevine magazine.

Nick Alexander's Favorite Trinity Songs

Here's a list of Trinity songs from my favorite Catholic artists. Each of these songs speaks of God as "The Father, Son, and Holy Spirit." Each of these songs help give us a greater focus on the importance of recognizing and contemplating the mystery of the Holy Trinity. These include three songs from John Michael Talbot (Greeting, In the Name of God, and Father Make Me Holy), two songs from Lynn Geyer (Glory Be and Trinity... the latter of which was a cover by Celeste Zepponi), ServantSong, Brendan Delumpa, Nancy Krebs, Sal Solo, and yours truly. There were a number of songs we would have like to have included, but they were not on iTunes. "Song of the Cross", which was heard at World Youth Day 2002 in Toronto, by Susan HooKong-Taylor, closes with a strong Trinitarian praise... but it's not on iTunes. Song of Unity, by Donna Cori Gibson... powerful stuff – but it's not on iTunes. Because We Believe, as covered by Jim Cowan on Behold the Lamb, an Integrity/Renewal release – but it's not on iTunes. Hopefully, these artists will get their music up shortly, for our benefit, and theirs. What are your favorite Trinitarian songs?

Video: Sanctify by Annie Karto

Annie Karto writes... This song came about as prayerful plea, asking the Holy Spirit to "sanctify" my life. We are the "work of His Hands," His dwelling place. How awesome to think about! A man named Jim Page heard the song, and made a beautiful video to accompany the song, posting it on You Tube.

Grapevine Videocast: Fire at John Michael Talbot's Hermitage

Presented by GrapeVine, this video tells the story in pictures and music about the tragic fire that struck the Little Portion Hermitage, home to the Brothers and Sisters of Charity, founded by monk and well-known Catholic recording artist John Michael Talbot. This simple slide show portrays the hermitage before and after the fire, and provides information where you can go and donate to their building fund. There is also an audio podcast that goes along with this video - you can find it at Please join in prayer as the Brothers and Sisters of Charity seek God’s will in the rebuilding of the Little Portion Hermitage.

Nick Alexander's Favorite John Michael Talbot Songs

Nick Alexander here... I cannot help but be stunned by the fire that consumed much of the property on John Michael Talbot's Hermitage, in Berryville, Arkansas. I have been a fan of John Michael Talbot's music, ministry and lifestyle for many years, and have been privileged to have visited the Hermitage on more than one occassion. Of all the places I have visited, this place ranks very high in the "most peaceful places on earth". To hear that much of what I had admired... the gardens, the chapel, the very unique design that had the offices and cafeteria... all destroyed by the fire... it is quite unsettling to me. Certainly, they will build again. I pray they do. In light of this, let's support John Michael Talbot by revisiting some of his best songs. I have compiled a list of my thirty favorites--too hard to break into ten--that comprise his career from his earliest days as a guitarist for Mason Proffit, up to his fiftieth album last year. Some of these may not be entirely familiar to you. It is my hope that you come to appreciate the breadth and vastness and truly unique giftedness of John Michael Talbot's music.

Note from site admin: The old iTunes iMixes were discontinued by Apple, so Nick's list was no longer visible or functional. In lieu of Nick's iMix here is Apple's comprehensive "iTunes Preview" of John Michael Talbot albums and singles: Read Full Story >>>

George Lower's Favorite John Michael Talbot Songs

George Lower writes: By now many of you have heard of the terrible fire that burned much of the common areas of the Little Portion Hermitage in Arkansas. Personally, I felt a deep sadness as the loss the community there has suffered. As a musician and a Christian John Michael Talbot has been a real inspiration for me. His spirituality and his music have provided me with much comfort as I have faced challenges on my own journey. At times like this I ask myself, "What I can do?" First of all, I know that I can pray for the community. Prayer is certainly an important part of dealing with adversity. I know that I can also give thanks because this fire did not result in any loss of life. Buildings can be rebuilt and possessions can be replaced. God did protect his children from physical harm in this instance. However, since I do not possess large financial resources I am trying to do something small to give back to a person and a community who has given much to me. I have selected some of my favorite John Michael Talbot songs and compiled them to an iMix available through iTunes. These songs are ones that have supported and sustained my spirit over the years. I hope that many will choose to listen and download this music in an effort to support John Michael and the Brothers and Sisters of Charity.

Note from site admin: The old iTunes iMixes were discontinued by Apple, so George's list was no longer visible or functional. In lieu of George's iMix here is Apple's comprehensive "iTunes Preview" of John Michael Talbot albums and singles: Read Full Story >>>

Top Holy Spirit Songs

Nick Alexander here... The votes have been tallied and counted, and according to the community of Top Catholic Songs, this is the list for the Top Holy Spirit Songs... just in time for Pentecost Sunday . Each of these songs express a particular devotion to the Holy Spirit, or a deeper yearning for His presence in our lives. We pray that you make these songs your own, as you realize that the Holy Spirit is our inheritance upon baptism and confirmation, and it is also the theme for this year's World Youth Day in Australia.
  1. Come Holy Spirit by Mark Mallett
    This song speaks of the intimate love and trust we should have in the Holy Spirit. Many speak of a personal relationship with Jesus... but how many of us seek to have a personal relationship with the third person of the Trinity?
  2. SpiritSong by Lynn Geyer
    You're fire in my heart center of my soul Light through the darkness Holy Spirit come, Holy Spirit come Guide me to your light, o Lord, Holy Spirit come
  3. The Dream by Stinging Rain
    I remember the first rehearsal of this song. I was on the phone in the room adjacent to the practice area when it was introduced and guys start playing it. Jon was laying out a sparse beat with his snares off and Nate was playing slide on his acoustic. I knew what kind of bass line I would play, a very simple one to complement the understated beat. Nate began singing dreamily, "Spirit, exalt yourself...." I knew at that moment that this song would become a favorite.
  4. Come Holy Spirit by Susan Bailey
    “Come Holy Spirit” uses the familiar prayer of the Church to invoke the fire of the Spirit for our hearts. It is based on reading #521 of To the Priests, Our Lady’s Beloved Sons, compiled by Don Stefano Gobbi.
  5. Come Holy Spirit by Celeste Zepponi
    Come Holy Spirit Fill the Hearts of your faithful And enkindle in us the fire of your love Send forth your spirit And we shall be recreated And You shall renew the face of the earth Yes You shall renew the face of the Earth
  6. Shine Out by George Lower
    I firmly believe that the Holy Spirit has worked in my own life through this particular song. It is my prayer that the Holy Spirit continues to use this song to encourage and strenghten the faithful of his church.
  7. Glory Be by ServantSong
    I sort of have songs in my head each time I say spoken prayers like the "Hail Mary" and "Our Father" but never had one for the "Glory Be" -- so I wrote one. I wrote about the Father in the first verse, Son in the second, and Holy Spirit in the bridge. The bridge a big part of the song, as it leads to the climactic vocals & drums only chorus before the final chorus. It's usually a fan favorite when we play live -- fun to sing along to.
  8. Sanctify by Annie Karto
    Sanctify, come Holy Spirit, come Sanctify... the work of Your Hands. All that I am... all I long to be...pour your Holy Spirit upon me. It is Your will, it is Your desire, to burn within me as a consuming fire.... Come Sanctify, the work of Your Hands.
  9. Gift of God by Nancy Krebs
    This song was inspired by the many titles given to the Holy Spirit. This has always been a song I've loved to share with others.
  10. Renew the Face of the Earth by Mel Kennedy
    This wonderful bi-lingual song is based on Psalm 104 (the Psalm for Pentecost). It's latin flavor gets you feelin the spirit!

Ave Maria Video

Nick Alexander here... Annie Karto has a beautiful video based on her rendition of the Ave Maria. Check it out!

Top Ten Mary Songs

Nick Alexander here... The votes have been tallied and counted, and according to the community of Top Catholic Songs, this is the list for the Top Songs of Mary. Each of these songs express a particular devotion to Mary, or are songs based out of her words from Scripture. The key to Marian songs, of course, is to honor her as one would honor one's own mother, but not to the level of worship (reserved for God only). It was her "Yes," after all, that opened the door for Jesus to come into the world, that, in turn, opened the door for salvation for all humanity.

  1. Queen of Heaven by Mark Mallett

    You, you are the Queen of Heaven And we honor you ‘Cause you, you said “I will”, to the Father For all of us and you You take our prayers And you wrap them in your mantle of love Ya, you lead us to The only Son of God our Lord above O blessed are you among women O and blessed is the fruit of your womb
  2. Mary's Song by Sean Clive
    We need to imitate Mary in her acceptance of God’s love and complete surrender of herself to the Maker of all things. Do we praise God enough for the good things He has done for us? I don’t. Not nearly enough for so many gifts. (Luke 1:26-56)
  3. Hail Mary, Gentle Woman by Gretchen Harris
    This popular song by Carey Landry has such beautiful, gentle lyrics ... I love how our Blessed Mother is called "Peaceful Dove!" My ministry is Marian, with the desire to encourage Marian devotion and in turn inspire more frequent prayer of the Rosary, all in hopes of consoling our Blessed Mother.
  4. Medjugorje by Paul Harrigan
    Our Blessed Mother Mary got a hold of my sick heart and brought me to her Son Jesus, our Divine Physician. And He has healed me! Please visit my YouTube page to view my EWTN performance of "Medjugorje."
  5. Mary (Magnificat) by Fr. Kent O'Connor It is based on the words that Mary speaks to Elizabeth at the Visitation. It is a duet with myself and a good friend, Steve Courtney. I wanted a version of the Magnificat that was a bit more upbeat than the versions that I often hear. Originally written a little more "rowdy," it was re-arranged, and now it is a song that starts gently but slowly builds to a joyful end. I also wanted to stay very close lyrically to the version that I pray every evening.
  6. Do Whatever He Tells You by Nick Cardilino

    I originally wrote this song back in 2000 in celebration of the beatification of Fr. Chaminade, who founded the Marianists. "Do Whatever He Tells You" became Fr. Chaminade's motto and the way he tried to live. Mary's spirit of obedience to God's will was how he sought to live out his life. So, my hope in writing this song is to encourage all of us to turn to Mary as a model of true discipleship.
  7. Song to Our Lady of Guadalupe by Annie Karto
    From the popular melody "Lord You Have Come to the Seashore" are beautiful lyrics honoring Our Lady of Guadalupe, Patroness of America. Trumpets and acoustic guitar add a Mexican flair.
  8. Ode to Mary by Mark Mallett

    When I was born many years ago You were there to greet my cry Fruit of my mother’s womb You became the Mother of my life I was baptized, beneath your eyes With the Father, Spirit and your Son Full of grace... I turned my face O your work had just begun Hail Mary, Hail Mary, Mary mother to me Hail Mary, Hail Mary, you are the Queen of my life
  9. Ave Maria by Trish Foti Genco
    Classic rendition of the Bach/Gounod. A favorite of mine to sing.
  10. Queen of Apostles by Nancy Krebs
    This song won the EWTN Marian Song Contest in 2004, and went on to represent the U.S. in the XX World Festival of Marian Songs in Guatemala. I went there to sing it, and the song came in 5th among 24 nations. It was a great honor and a thrill to be there and to see how people from all over the region loved this festival in honor of the Blessed Mother.

Feel free to check out these excellent songs, and to deepen your devotion to Our Lady for this year.

Ascension Thursday Hymn

To the melody of ST DELIO ("Immortal, Invisible, God Only Wise") [] New praises be given to Christ newly crowned Who back to His heaven a new way hath found God's blessedness sharing before us He goes What mansions preparing, what endless repose! His glory still praising on thrice holy ground Th'apostles stood gazing his MOther around With hearts that beat faster, with eyes full of love They watched while their Master ascended above. "No star can disclose Him," the bright angels said; "Eternity knows Him, your conquering Head: Those high habitations He leaves not again, Till judging all nations, on earth He shall reign." Thus spoke they, and straightway, where legions defend Heav'n's glittering gateway, their Lord they attend And cry, looking thther, "Your portals let down For Him who rides hither in peace and renown." They asked, who keep sentry in that blessed town "Who thus claimeth entry, a king of renown?" "The Lord of all valiance," that herald replied, "Who Satan's battalions laid low in their pride." Gran, Lord, that our longing may follow Thee there On earth who are thronging Thy temples with prayer And unto Thee gather, Redeemer, Thine own Where Thou with Thy Father, dost sit on the throne. --St. Bede the Venerable, 673-735. Translation R.A. Knox.
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