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Watch Simonetta & FourEver's debut broadcast on EWTN (at YouTube)

Good news. You can now watch Simonetta & FourEver's recent EWTN appearance on Life on the Rock here: 

More at: 

Here is Simonetta & FourEver's latest album called "Ineffable" at iTunes:

"From Words to Music" – A Guide for Choral Musicians

From Words to Music
A User's Guide to Text for Choral Musicians

by Gerald Custer / Blake Henson
2014 by GIA Publications, Inc.

The power of story and story-telling makes choral singing irresistible...and the impact of text wedded to music is what fuels the choral art. Yet in the heat of rehearsal, we can forget to ask, "Whose words are these in my mouth? Why is this message being sent? Who is the audience for this story? Why does it matter to them? How can I make this story my story?

In this enlightening book, conductor Gerald Custer and composer Blake Henson offer practical tools and strategies to approach, unlock, and understand text: how it works, how it's structured, and what it means. In a series of informal dialogues punctuated with personal illustrations, Custer and Henson reveal how composers and conductors make the journey that transforms words into music.  Read Full Story >>>

Downloadable hymn arrangements for handbells – from GIA

Hymn Arrangements

These arrangements are just a couple of clicks away at
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•Search by hymn number or by title

This resource is designed for use with Gather Comprehensive—Second EditionGather—Third Edition, and Worship—Fourth Edition hymnals. Additionally, many of these arrangements are compatible with other hymnals, such as RitualSongGather ComprehensiveWorship—Third Edition, and Catholic Community Hymnal.


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Live Chat with Simonetta & FourEver during their debut broadcast on EWTN on Friday 7/25/2014

Good news. You can now watch our recent EWTN appearance on Life on the Rock here: 

A note from Len Pacek:

Dear friends,


We just wanted to let you know about a great opportunity to interact with the singing group "Simonetta & FourEver" on Friday night, 7/25/2014, during their debut broadcast on EWTN's Life on the Rock (7PM CST)!

Just join the conversation tonight by visiting the girls' facebook page at 7PM (CST): 

Ask your questions live and comment on the show! It will be completely interactive and fun.  See you tonight.  Don't miss it!

Yours in Christ,


Don't forget to LIKE our page while you're there!

Find your EWTN:
Watch live via the internet: www
Or listen on ewtn radio or Sirius XM Satellite radio Read Full Story >>>

Music Ministry Alive invites you to 2014 Festival Sing!

Join us for our 16th annual music ministry summer institute for Young Adults and Adult Leaders!

Saturday, August 2 at 7:30 PM
$18 at the door (no advance ticket sales)
The O'Shaughnessy Auditorium
St. Catherine University 
St. Paul, MN

Join the Music Ministry Alive! family as we celebrate our "Sweet Sixteenth" year of fostering the growth of young pastoral musicians! Come sing and celebrate with youth from around the country and beyond!


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"All Things Are Possible" – Summer Encore Performances

"All Things Are Possible"

Wednesday, July 9, 2014
 9pm ET, 8pm CT, 7pm MT and 6pm PT

Broadcasts repeat late night Saturdays and early Tuesday mornings!
For complete information please visit: 

 John Michael Talbot Ministries 

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NPM National Convention: St. Louis, Missouri, July 14 - July 18, 2014

NPM National Convention–St. Louis, Missouri

Monday, July 14 through Friday, July 18, 2014
America’s Center—701 Convention Plaza

GIA is thrilled to be a part of this year’s National Pastoral Musician’s Convention in St. Louis, MO. We have a number of exciting events and breakout sessions to offer presented by a talented mix of GIA composers and clinicians. Be sure to visit us at the GIA booth in the exhibit hall where you will find a wonderful array of new music and resources for your ministry along with our most popular favorites.

Featured Clinicians











To review Convention Schedule, visit


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More great resources are available from,
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Flor y Canto – Giving Voice to Your Hispanic Community

Flor y Canto, tercera edición is the newest edition of the best-selling Spanish Catholic hymnal in the U.S.!

Discover why thousands of Hispanic Catholics turn to Flor y Canto to lift their voices in song. Whether you are looking to unite the diverse cultures of your Hispanic community, searching for more music for Rites and celebrations or want a music resource—created with guidance from Church documents—with over 13 Mass settings, Flor y Canto, tercera edición will lift the hearts and voices of your assembly in praise!

Explore an expanded repertoire of over 740 titles from more than 15 Spanish-speaking regions around the world with PDF samples sent straight to your inbox! Flip through the virtual songbook to see photos, page previews and song samples, see what others are saying and find out what’s new, at-a-glance!

Find out what’s new… at-a-glance! Compare the previous edition Flor y Canto with the new Flor y Canto, tercera edición.

Giving Voice to Your Hispanic Community

Watch as renowned composer and Director of Hispanic Ministry, Pedro Rubalcava introduces
Flor y Canto, tercera edición!

GloryBe TV Mass videos at YouTube

I like this collection of Spanish and English Mass videos posted under the YouTube channel GloryBe TV:

Here is a sample video – the sung Padre Nuestro (Our Father) from Misa Rosas del Tepayac. 

How I Discovered A Marian Pentecost Hymn


An article by Nick Alexander

As a worship podcaster, I am constantly looking for “new” old songs and hymns, that can combine my love of music with my devotion.  This past month, I came across an extremely rare epic hymn by Frederick Faber, a 19th century convert best known for “Faith of Our Fathers.”
Read Full Story >>>

New Catholic Album by Jonathan Murphy

Hello everyone and God bless.

I have released a new album of contemplative, worshipful Catholic hymns.  If you are a Catholic and you love the beautiful hymns sung during Mass, please check out the album!  It is titled, "Hosea" by Jonathan Murphy.  The album is available on amazon, itunes and cdbaby.

Thank you for taking the time to read this.  As you know, Catholic music is not exactly the most prevalent among all the Christian music out there today and is not generally embraced by the Protestant community.  I want to get the word out to make this Catholic music available to all the faithful who seek music that promotes Catholic beliefs, theology, spirituality, and prayer life.  I pray that it will be a blessing to you and to all who are seeking something such as this to help enrich their walk in faith. 

Please also check out my new website at or write to me at

  Read Full Story >>>

Pentecost Worship podcast by Nick Alexander

This is a podcast by Nick Alexander. – Richard Schletty, TCS admin

The Prayer Meeting Podcast is a worship podcast where you are invited to sing, play along, or just listen. Music notation of these songs will be made available. This week’s episode is an extended worship jam based on the songs of Pentecost. Many of these songs were based upon a detailed survey that many of you answered. Read Full Story >>>

I Dropped CCLI (Christian Copyright Licensing Inc)

An article by Nick Alexander

For almost two decades, I have been a responsible itinerant church musician, worship leader, and songwriter.  Part of that equation has always been attaining a license to Christian Copyright Licensing Inc. (CCLI for short)... 

When I was first getting started playing for different groups, such as parishes, youth rallies, prayer groups, young adult groups, healing masses, etc., I always had my CCLI license to ensure that the songs I had covered had been legally protected. I would insist that if you are in this boat, you, too, must comply and be ensured that your status is active.

However, the last eighteen months I have been helming the Prayer Meeting Podcast, it was decided early on that I had to forgo the vast majority of worship songs in my repertoire. This is because CCLI does not offer an option to use their songs in a podcast format. (Except that they do: they require that the songs themselves be sung live in the context of an actual worship service). Due to the constraints of my setup (my studio can only fit one person, maybe two), that was simply not going to happen... Read Full Story >>>

Learn how to notate with Sibelius 6. Engrave pro-looking sheet music.

My friend and music associate, André van Haren, has posted a complete series of instructional videos for Sibelius 6, an awesome music notation program. If anyone has thought about learning to engrave professional looking sheet music, this is your quick start! – Richard Schletty

André recently posted this overview of "object checking" – a summary of several videos posted here in the Forums and at YouTube. Please watch and comment. See complete list of Sibelius 6 tips in the TCS Forums.

Sibelius Quick Tip 25 - Object Check part 6 - overview

In this 6th part of the series titled "Object Check," I show you how I check a couple of pages for all the things I talked about in the other videos of this "Object Check" series. This time it's more doing than talking! 

Do you want to be notified whenever I upload a Sibelius Quick Tip? Subscribe to my newsletter here:

And if you need a Sibelius 6 tip about something that you have problems with, please let me know and I will dive in it right away!

André van Haren

Gothenburg, Sweden

See complete list of Sibelius 6 tips in the TCS Forums

  Read Full Story >>>

From TCS member Susan Bailey:

My unexpected miracle healing (part three): healing inside and out

When I walked out of Holy Family church that Sunday after having my throat blessed, I had no idea what to expect. Over the past four years I had come to accept that my loss of voice was permanent.

That loss became a part of who I am... [read full story]

Links to parts one and two of the series appear at the end of the post.

Peace! Susan

Listen to/purchase Susan's music 
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