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Author: Richard Schletty

Our newest member, Maggie, wrote:

"I am a Organist at my Catholic Church, and I wish to be introduced to some new music. I would use it especially in the Youth Choir. would help me to make both the choir and congregation more holy and involved in music."

Let's introduce Maggie to some new music! C'mon, everyone – let's get the chatter going here. Collaborate and contribute your talents! Raise your voices and sing alleluia!

I'll get the ball rolling for Maggie by suggesting that she take a look at the many organ/choral pieces written by Paul F. Page. Paul offers his sheet music free at his web site,, specifically...

Author: Richard Schletty

Alicia Bruno joined as a user and wrote this reason for joining:

"Looking to inspire future musicians to enjoy Catholic/Christian music and share it in the future at Mass. I am a Youth Minister at our Parish and we are having a tough time keeping youth active in our faith after they receive confirmation...besides, our church music needs a MAJOR update!!"

Let's all help each other with inspiration and ideas. Sign up and makes comments. Contribute your own stories. Share your original songs.

Author: Richard Schletty

Has anyone heard of and used LOLA?

Do remote music collaboration for real with LOLA

LOLA is mentioned in this very informative overview of virtual music collaboration – a BBC Radio presentation:

Arts Technologica

Episode 1:

Episode 2:...

Author: Richard Schletty

Preview and purchase Unless a Grain of Wheat (Bernadette Farrell):


Unless a grain of wheat shall fall upon the ground and die,
It remains but a single grain with no life.

1. If we have died with him, then we shall live with him;
if we hold firm, we shall reign with him.

Composer: Bernadette Farrell (1983)

Author: Richard Schletty

Posted by Patrice Egging at her KickStarter project page:

God's love through music

I knew from the very beginning when I prayed for the gift...asking God to be able to play for Him..that when it actually happened that He is the one who gives the music.

It's a prayer. It's a gift. It's a way to share His love and peace.

This project will be a way to share that...

Author: Richard Schletty

People have different ideas about what "Catholic music" is. This is a working list compiled by my friend Nick Alexander, a co-member of Catholic Music Ministries and Top Catholic Songs. Are there any categories that we’ve missed?  Please share your comments below.  

Catholic Music categories

1) Traditional Gregorian chant.

2) Medieval, Renaissance and Baroque sacred music.

3) Hymnody: liturgical music for congregational singing, usually following a form of stanza-stanza-stanza or stanza-chorus-...

Author: Richard Schletty

[A mailing list message from John Michael Talbot Ministries]

The Lord is risen! He is risen indeed!

I extend a very special Easter blessing for this year of 2015. Our journey through Lent, Holy Week, and the Triduum, culminating in the joy of Easter, has had special significance this year. We have done MUCH hard work, and...

Author: Richard Schletty

Milton Delgado was inspired to write, record, and create this song with the hope and prayer that it will change a woman's mind from going through an abortion. Life is a precious gift from God and only God has the right to decide who lives and who does not. Do you...

Author: Richard Schletty

My rendition with voice and guitar. Recorded "Bella in lapus."
Text: Venantius Fortunatus. Music: Angelo Natalie.
Copyright © 2005 Buon Natalie Music
P.O. Box 4368, Stamford, CT 06907 USA

The royal banners forward go,
The cross shines forth in mystic glow;
Where He through whom our flesh was made
In that same flesh our ransom paid.

Fulfilled is now what David told
In true prophetic song of old,...

Author: Richard Schletty

Patrice EggingAn announcement from TCS core member Patrice Egging:

I have a dream to record the music that God generously gives to me.....and you can help! Please take a look at my Kickstarter project:

Kickstarter project: Holy Spirit-inspired piano and songs of life, love and faith

The Songs are there...waiting...waiting. This project of music does not have a title yet. I’m leaning towards...

Author: Richard Schletty

This YouTube video presentation is about Annette Hills who is a Catholic / Christian inspirational speaker, recording artist and songwriter who gives talks and sings for the glory of God. More details about Annette's ministry may be found at her website ( where her albums may be purchased as well as at iTunes, AmazonMP3, CDBaby and other sites. She is also listed with Catholic Music Ministries (formerly the Catholic Association of Music), CMG Booking, ReverbNation, and you may follow and "like" her on Facebook...

Author: Richard Schletty

Author: Richard Schletty

Heal the Night

Is there no one to heal the night,
dark night of the soul,
to bring to me a deepening insight,
to bring me up from despair and sorrow,
to bathe my mind in light?

There is no one to set me free,
save He who died for me.
He set me free at Calvary,
a gift to ever be.

In the still of the night
the Spirit comes, quite unexpected.
And now you know the grace of God
and are at peace.

(c) 2008...

Author: Richard Schletty

Number 131 from the St. Gregory Hymnal and Catholic Choir Book, 1920. Organist: Chuck Lenz. Soloist: Richard Schletty.

Jesus, Jesus, Come To Me

1. Jesus, Jesus, come to me,
All my longing is for Thee,
Of all friends the best Thou art,
Make of me Thy counterpart.

2. Jesus, I live for Thee,
Jesus, I die for Thee,
I belong to Thee,
Fore'er in life and death.

3. Comfort my poor soul distressed,

Author: Richard Schletty

I found a used copy of Hymnal For Young Christians on Amazon and recorded the refrain and all 5 verses of "Magnificat" by Robert Blue. I also located online and ordered an original vinyl copy of the album "Run, Come, See" by Robert Blue which has "Magnificat" on it. My interpretation of the hymnal sheet music may be different than the recorded version. We will see! Comments welcome. More about this song here.

MAGNIFICAT (Luke 1:46-55)


Author: Richard Schletty

Lillian wrote:

I am looking for lyrics and music for a song with the words "Mary my mother my queen my love". It was written by a brother or Jesuit from Rochester, NY, who was a guest at our church many years ago. He wrote and sang this song and I fell in love with it right away.  I wish I could remember the exact title.

Can you help Lillian identify the song? I asked her if this is the song but she said it is not:

My Queen, My Mother (Consecration to Mary)


Author: Richard Schletty

Tony Alonzo"These are some of Tony's most beloved pieces—songs that reflect most deeply his spirituality and his voice as a songwriter."

In Endless Song

by Tony Alonso 

Tony Alonso has been a part of the GIA family of sacred music for nearly 15 years. In this time he has compiled an impressive array of titles for liturgy, prayer, and contemplation, many of which have become staples of contemporary worship.

In Endless Song...

Author: joegill13

It was for his seventeenth birthday that Fr. Joseph Gill received his first guitar.

“All of the cool kids played guitar,” he remembers. “I was stuck playing the piano, which I enjoyed, but when I wanted to make some portable music, a piano just isn’t very handy. I was going off to college that fall, and not knowing if there would be a piano around, I needed something to satisfy my musical whims.”

Four albums and fourteen years later, he still plays that beat-up old Takamine. Only now, he does it for the Lord.

Fr. Joseph Gill is a priest of the diocese of Bridgeport, Connecticut, who “moonlights” as a Christian rock musician. He has put out four CDs of Christian music, the latest of which, “No Lasting...

Author: Richard Schletty

An email message Richard received from John Michael Talbot Ministries:

We begin a new series this Ash Wednesday on the All Things Are Possible television program - THE FIRE OF GOD! This is appropriate because the ashes with which we are signed are made from the burned palm branches from Palm (Passion) Sunday of the previous year during Holy Week.

Please watch the following video from John Michael Talbot
New Series premieres Ash Wednesday - The Fire of God

Ash Wednesday Series Premiere

This is a very great symbol because you and I often cry out to the...

Author: Richard Schletty

Feb. 17, 2015 - A FREE gift from St. James Music Press

It's FAT TUESDAY (the only liturgical holiday for the horizontally challenged). Pancakes abound! Mardi Gras beads dangle from every bough! King Cakes glisten lasciviously, beckoning us to indulge and plunge our faces into the purple and green icing. Yet amidst these celebrations, Lent is lurking like an ancient uncle in the dining room, smacking his toothless gums together, waiting for soup. Finally,the last Alleluia will be uttered, the last ash smudged, and the last penitent shriven.

Here at St. James Music Press, we always are happy to offer a free anthem on our site. It's our way of saying thanks! We think that if you do our kind of music on a regular basis, you...