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Fetal Records official release

MP3 Music Playlist: 

3/26/2015. Fetal Records presents its second full album release since its revival under the Subsidiarity project. A mixed styles CD, Home highlights Berklee School of Music graduate and blues guitarist Tony Fazio with special appearances by contributing artists, including two new singles by the hardcore punk band Law and Order, the original Fetal Records band, noted blues vocalist Charlie Sayles, drummer Greg Phillips of Starpoint fame, singer/sonwriter Ken Francis Wenzel, and Scott Taylor, singer for the blues band Electrofied. The album also introduces Run Little Elephant, featuring Chris Watling of the Grandsons. Recorded, engineered and mastered at the Fetal Records and Tony Fazio studios with some mixing and mastering by Richard Schletty.

The album includes several songs that have been featured on Top Catholic Songs and Catholic Music Express: Icon, The Call, Snowy Christmas, and All this Happened on Christmas Day.

The new release is available at

Sample track:

TCS Yahoo discussion group

Catholic composers and musicians are invited to join our "TopCatholicSongs" chat group (hosted by Yahoo). Our focuses are contemporary Catholic songwriting, music ministry and artist/band promotion. To join, send an email to: 

Include a brief bio and your reason for joining our discussion group. 

After joining, take a look at the Welcome files, FAQ's and musician discussions. And then, pass the word on to your musician friends.

For too long, Catholic song artists have gone without proper promotion. Now we take initiative, guided by the Spirit. Top Catholic Songs can help showcase and promote Catholic performing songwriters who are creating new compositions for evangelization, worship, meditation, family values, celebration, social justice and human rights. We also feature bands who bring classic sacred songs to life with artistic, soulful and innovative renditions.

Our private Yahoo group offers... 

Patrice Egging: Holy Spirit-inspired songs of life, love and faith

Patrice EggingAn announcement from TCS core member Patrice Egging:

I have a dream to record the music that God generously gives to me.....and you can help! Please take a look at my Kickstarter project:

Kickstarter project: Holy Spirit-inspired piano and songs of life, love and faith

The Songs are there...waiting...waiting. This project of music does not have a title yet. I’m leaning towards the words from one of the songs, "Seeking the truth is not always easy," shortened to "Seeking the Truth."

I'm so excited to be working with David Smith from Icon Studios.

  • Check out the link to the project.
  • Watch the video...

Annette Hills - Speaker & Performing Artist - For the Glory of God

This YouTube video presentation is about Annette Hills who is a Catholic / Christian inspirational speaker, recording artist and songwriter who gives talks and sings for the glory of God. More details about Annette's ministry may be found at her website ( where her albums may be purchased as well as at iTunes, AmazonMP3, CDBaby and other sites. She is also listed with Catholic Music Ministries (formerly the Catholic Association of Music), CMG Booking, ReverbNation, and you may follow and "like" her on Facebook and Twitter.

Annette won the Album of the Year Award from Catholic Music Express and was nominated for Female Vocalist of the Year. Her song "The Prayer" was also nominated for Song of the Year.

Go ahead and jot a note to Annette at her website "Your Notes" page ( She is available to give motivational talks, inspirational concerts, sing at weddings and other events.

Check out her other pages at: 
Fan Page:
Catholic Speakers Bureau:

You Are Mine

Heal the Night

Heal the Night

Is there no one to heal the night,
dark night of the soul,
to bring to me a...

Jesus, Jesus, Come To Me

Number 131 from the St. Gregory Hymnal and Catholic Choir Book, 1920. Organist: Chuck Lenz. Soloist: Richard Schletty.

Jesus, Jesus, Come To Me

1. Jesus, Jesus, come to me,
All my longing is for Thee,
Of all friends the best Thou art... 

Magnificat (As the Rain Rushes Down) by Robert Blue

I found a used copy of Hymnal For Young Christians on Amazon and recorded the refrain and all 5 verses of "Magnificat" by Robert Blue. I also located online and ordered an original vinyl copy of the album "Run, Come, See" by Robert Blue which has "Magnificat" on it. My interpretation of the hymnal sheet music may be different than the recorded version. We will see! Comments welcome. More about this song here.

MAGNIFICAT (Luke 1:46-55)

       E           C#m
As the rain rushes down
        F#m            B
And the earth blossoms forth
        E             C#m   F#m  B
And the wind caresses every tree... 

Searching for song with words "Mary, my mother, my queen, my love"

Lillian wrote:

I am looking for lyrics and music for a song with the words "Mary my mother my queen my love". It was written by a brother or Jesuit from Rochester, NY, who was a guest at our church many years ago. He wrote and sang this song and I fell in love with it right away.  I wish I could remember the exact title.

Can you help Lillian identify the song? I asked her if this is the song but she said it is not:

My Queen, My Mother (Consecration to Mary)

Please comment here or send an email to

Edit 1: We have located the composer of the song. Fr. Warren (Barry) Smithbower was a Capuchin Franciscan with the Province of St. Mary. He passed away in 2005. Now we need to contact the Capuchin Franciscan order (Province of St. Mary, Northeast United States) to see  

New from Tony Alonso  (GIA Publications)

Tony Alonzo"These are some of Tony's most beloved pieces—songs that reflect most deeply his spirituality and his voice as a songwriter."

In Endless Song

by Tony Alonso 

Tony Alonso has been a part of the GIA family of sacred music for nearly 15 years. In this time he has compiled an impressive array of titles for liturgy, prayer, and contemplation, many of which have become staples of contemporary worship.

In Endless Song is a compilation of some of Tony's finest works gathered into one collection for the express purpose of facilitating personal prayer and reflection. These are some of Tony's most beloved pieces—songs that reflect most deeply his spirituality and his voice as a songwriter. Songs like "What You Have Done for Me," "And Jesus Said," and "Here I Am" will inspire Christ-centered discipleship while "Fresh as the Morning," "I Will Lift My Eyes," and "In the Arms of God" will soothe and uplift your spirit. One of the many highlights of this recording is Tony's fresh and imaginative arrangement of "How Can I Keep from Singing." This tender song-prayer beautifully reflects the peace-filled confidence found in the knowledge that God is ever-present "through all the tumult and the strife..."

Hear song clips from Tony Alonso's Anthology.

Somebody's Knocking at Your Door

MP3 Music Playlist: 
  • Artist: Richard Schletty
  • Title: Somebody's Knocking at Your Door
  • Genre: Gospel & Religious
  • Year: 2010
  • Composer: Robert Nathaniel Dett

Priest Rocker

A priest, a youth minister...and a rocker? Fr. Joseph Gill recently released his fourth CD of original Christian folk-rock-indie-acoustic music, which is available for download free online!

Ave Maria (Bach/Gounod)

Soloist: Richard Schletty. Virtual instrumentation by More at

New music to enhance your Lent and Holy Week worship - from GIA

GIA has new music to enhance your Lent and Holy Week worship. I received this notice because I am on GIA's mailing list. Click here to view new music offerings:

New music:


Mass of MercyMass of Mercy by Lori True; Arranger: Paul Tate (A reflective mass setting that sets a quiet and reverent tone for Lenten worship. Acclamations based on the hymn tunes Attende Domine, PICARDY and Mode III of Plainchant). View preview (PDF file)

Come Back to the Lord by Leo Nestor.

Create in Me by Tony Alonso; Arranger: Chris de Silva

Entrance Antiphons for Lent by Normand Gouin

Remember Your Mercies, Lord by M. Roger Holland II

Holy Thursday

Psalm for Holy Thursday: Psalm 116 Our Blessing Cup. From the Proulx Legacy Series

Jesus Took a Towel: Song for the Washing of the Feet by Chrysogonus Waddell

Ubi Caritas by Francis Patrick O'Brien

Do This in Remembrance of Me by Larry Visser.

Mandatum by Peter Latona (Over 3000 copies sold)

Good Friday

Ave Verum Corpus by Stephen Johnson

GIA's best selling titles:

Palm Sunday / Good Friday

O Vos Omnes: This is one of the easier pieces in this series aimed primarily at the best high school, college, and professional choirs. Better church choirs will be quick to add this modern motet to their Passiontide repertoire.

Come, Behold the Lamb by Dana Mengel

When He Died upon the Tree – Text Author: Patrick Liebergen. Arranger: Patrick Liebergen

Holy Thursday

Ave Verum Corpus by W.A. Mozart. Editor : Richard Proulx... learn more

So You Must Do by Marty Haugen

No Greater Love by Jan Michael Joncas

There Is No Greater Love by Marty Haugen

Also see:

GIA's Quarterly Planning guide: Ash Wednesday – Pentecost February 18, 2015 to May 24, 2015:

Subsidiarity: songs for the Birth of Christ and for Mary, the Mother of God

Fetal Records began in 1980 to publish Baltimore music associated with the DC punk hardcore scene. Bands like Law & Order and Bollocks played with with the likes of Black Flag, Dead Kennedies, Government issue, Minor Threat and Teen Idles. Vinyl included the DC area compilation Fetal Records 5. Subsequent evolved bands include Braver Noise and Paddywack in the 1990s. Subsidiarity/Tony Fazio is a Fetal Records project of various music styles including a blues/rock/punk fusion with the influence of blues guitarist and Berklee School of Music graduate Tony Fazio, members from former bands listed above, and other local musicians. Several new albums and musicians are anticipated in the near future. This includes the long anticipated Charlie Sayles album of Blues fame. 

Also see Subsidiarity and Subsidiarity/Tony Fazio Singles at CDBaby.

Here are three songs that were sent to Top Catholic songs by band member Azar (a physician who says he is a latecomer to songwriting. He used to drum for punk bands). See lyrics for the three songs below at full posting.

Icon: A Christian acoustic folk spiritual with Blues and Classic influences

All This Happened On Christmas Day

Snowy Christmas: A bluesy Christmas song featuring Tony Fazio on guitar and Greg Phillips on drums and vocals

See lyrics for these three songs at full posting.

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