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Author: Nothingless
Yes, His love perdura eternamente! Thanks!!! 
Author: Nothingless
Very nice song, creates a nice spiritual atmosphere. I loved the way you play and sing
Looking forward to your voicing of this. Peace. 
Author: asiansa09
The song, "God's Gift To All The World," posted on reach international audience. Sign up for and search for Vi Nguyen to hear songs.
Dan (TCS member Asiansa09) posted this in a separate blog article. She expressed her joy:   Hi Richard, I just want to share with you my joy regard to the song, God's Gift To All The World, that we worked together on the song a few years ago that I posted the song on that I recently received a recognition for 200 times plays on the radio.  I am also gratified by this news. We hope and pray that our collaborative song to bless many – Richard
So happy to know that our song has been getting airplay. Thanks for the good news.  Read about the making of "God's Gift" here:
Author: Steve Byrne
Many thanks for your encouragement, Richard.  This site really is an excellent source of material and has really enriched my own ministry in my parish.  God bless.
Steve, this is very smooth and infused with devotion to Mary, the Mother of Jesus Christ. Thanks so much for sharing. You have a great voice and excellent audio mixing/mastering. May this song bless many.
Author: msmith
Richard, you are doing a great job keeping the site going!  Thank you for your kind words regarding my voice.  Margo
Margo, I felt very fortunate when this site was handed over to me by CAM "charter member" Nick Alexander. I have tried to keep it going as best I can with my limited resources and time. The technology the website runs on is old, but it hasn't broken yet!  Your voice sounds really good! What a blessing when God's gift of singing persists.
Author: msmith
Richard, thank you for your kind words. Thank you also for providing this site for songwriters to share their songs. It's a very generous service you provide for us. Thanks again. Margo
Margo, this is a beautiful song. Well written, well played, well sung. In this current age of rage we all need to be reminded of the sacrificial love of Jesus Christ. It could pave the way to all sorts of healing. Great to hear from you!
Author: Nothingless
Thanks for the encouraging comment!
Filippo: The song is excellent! I love your breathy, inspirited styling and beautiful guitar backing. Bravo.
Author: Alexander John
Hi Richard, thanks very much for taking the time to give feedback and I have started putting pauses between phases in my recordings and your right it makes it much better for the listener to digest I actually e-mailed you a track where I did that, it's a bit of a downer of a track and isn't a catholic one but I think you might like it. I will post up a track with that format soon and yeah my dad has been taking care of all the instrumentals. Hope you and your loved ones are OK during these...
Another good track. "When my pockets are empty you fill my heart." Post the lyrics so we can follow along! Keep up the introspective rapping to keep Satan from entrapping. (I just made that up)
Good words to ponder. "I make sure to worship the Lord and His mercy is the cure." Amen! Your mixes are getting better. I like the background soundbed. Is this one also done by your Dad? Once again, I urge you to put some space in between phrases. It will make the track even better!
Good to have both lyrics and chords. Well done!
Author: asiansa09
For The World Lead Sheet Intro: G - D/F# - Em - C Verse 1: G   D/F# We are in debt for our sin upon Christ Em         C But the cross is the only light that shines       G         D/F# To pull us on the path of closer to God Em       C For his mercy of forgiveness our sin C add (b5) We get to become union with God. Chorus:     G               D/F# When the Lord, Jesus Christ,...
Dan and Chas: This is very good. Excellent lyrics and musicianship. It would be nice to see the lyrics for the song within your post. Did you publish this at YouTube? God bless you always.
Author: Alexander John
Hi Richard, thanks for the feedback it's much appreciated. I will try put pauses in the right spots on the next recording I do. Thanks so much for the RCS Cut. It was great to hear and I loved the effect you put on my vocals. I tried about an hour ago to upload it several times but it didn't work. Hope your well and will try again tomorrow. All the best, Alex.
Interesting soundtrack with juice harp (Jew's harp) and chorus. I like how your voice is out front on this one. Again, please think about adding more pauses between phrases. The listener needs time to digest each choice thought-morsel. Keep up the good work of expressing your faith journey poetically, accompanied by a music thread.
No problem as far as the lyrics. Looking forward to your album! 2020 has been good so far. Hoping the same for you and yours.
Author: Alexander John
Hi Richard, unfortunatly I don't know what I did with the lyrics for this track! The first time I have lost some written verses. My dad did the instrumental to this track and we are going to collaborate on a album/mixtape together with him making the beats and me the vocals. How have you been? Hope 2020 has been good for you so far. All the best. Alex. 
Sounds good, Alex. Your voice is a little hard to understand in some places where the music and chorus are a bit too loud. At least that's the way it sounded on my MacBook Pro. Might be better understood if I listen in headphones. Thanks for sharing! Posting the lyrics here might be a good thing so we can follow along.
Author: Alexander John
Hi Richard, I uploaded one more which is more like spoken word than hip hop.
Author: Alexander John
Hi Richard, after a few years I have finally shared one of my few Catholic Hip Hop recordings. I used to rap prior to being catholic about more negative things so I wasn't sure how to approach putting God worship words to a beat but it's here now and would love your feedback. The instrumental and hook/chorus came from somewhere else but I'm allowed to use it as long as it's not for profit or download. Hope you like it and I might upload another one soon. God Bless and trust you are doing well...


Author: Alexander John
Hi Richard, what I might do is re-record the two I have left that I kept as I'm still not very happy with them. Give me a week or so as I'm sick at the moment then I will re-record over maybe different instrumentals. I would appreciate the pointers too. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to you too. God Bless.
Alex, if you like you can send me a sample or two of your recording attempts. Maybe I can give you some pointers. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year. May the Holy Spirit be with us and guide us.
Author: Alexander John
Thanks Richard, have a blessed Christmas also with your loved ones too! Unfortunately I'm not too happy with how my recordings are sounding so I'm hesitant to post them. I don't know what it is, I used to get great pleasure in recoding with a passion but now as I just like writing them and I have lost the drive and enthusiasm to lay down a good track. Anyway I did put up a link for an ebook I put out with an albums worth of material. Have a safe Christmas and New Years Richard and God Bless....
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