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I'll try to conjure up some sort of virtual musical.  I now have a very talented and mezzo soprano singer who can add her emotive voice to Hungry For Heaven. This has been on the backburner for too many years!
Author: Alexander John
I'm from Australia but lived in England for several years and unintentionally almost shook off my accent. Upon returning it was never as strong as when I left so it's not very traditional. If your ever interested in keeping in touch I'm not on social media but my e-mail address is: (a strange e-mail address but that date is important to me). Always keeping an eye out on your latest music. All the best and God Bless.
Author: stevdrak
Hi So sorry that I missed these earlier comments.  Yes, we have guitar lead sheets available for all of our music.  Just drop us a line, we're happy to share.  Thanks for the feedback as well, always welcome.  
I always wondered where you were from with your accent in your tracks.  Australia?  Now I know! 
Thank you for posting.  I'm listening to the other movements right now on the project web site.  Love that you have three dudes on two continents involved.  If it were made into a musical and I was near enough to the location of the performance, I would go.  If posted online, I would watch.  
Author: balynch88
I like guitar work in "He Gave His Body" This music needs to be played on Holy Land themed  carousel! I don't know if one exists, but it should. 
Thank you, Richard!
That comment sure made me feel good.  I'm trying to be more Spotify-intensive which I think is where you have your emphasis as both a listener and an artist, if I'm guessing correctly.  I don't really understand it so I signed up as a listener to figure it out.  I like it more than the free version of YouTube music I had previously used, it provides more variety.  
Alex,  Thank you for your kind words!  I enjoy your stuff as well. :-)
Author: Alexander John
Hi Richard, it's been a while since I have been here. Wanted to say hi from down under and let you know that I would love to see this made into a musical. So good to see so many new members too. All the best mate, Alex.
Author: Alexander John
Great song and video. I always find myself tapping my foot and smiling to the music you have done that I have listened to. Really great music Captain. Thank you for sharing
Cool how it transitions to cool jazz about halfway through. Thanks for sending this song upstream to TCS!
Author: John Bennett
We'd love to have you come play your original songs on stage at our local Christian songwriters showcase.  We welcome Catholic songwriters and have promoted Catholics on our past compilation CD releases.. If you'd like to sample one of our shows please come to our September show: SONGWRITERS SHOWCASE       SUNDAY, SEPTEMBER 26,  2 - 4 PM Dunn Brothers Coffee 1160 County Road E West Arden Hills, MN 55112 Worshipping and spreading God's LOVE through our songs,  ,...
Hello, John Bennett! Glad to see you signed up here at TCS. Thanks for sharing your upbeat song about "the time that fits in God's plan". – Christ's triumphant entry into Jerusalem followed by his suffering, death and resurrection. Amen.
Email me at I will then send you a Dropbox or Box "file request" upload link. No hurry on this. Whenever you have the time. The Audacity track exports approach is perfect. I do have Mac Audacity, by the way.


Author: balynch88
Thank you for the offer! So far I have done everything in Audacity, I can export the tracks individually, all trimmed to the same length so they can be imported into any DAW and still line up. I'd have to double check that particular song to see how many tracks are in it, but I typically get them done in under 12 tracks, sometimes more if I split the stereo channels. I can mail a data disc to you, or try to send electronically somehow.  It would be nice to hear someone else's take on a...
Aha. I was sorta thinking that you lacked confidence in singing. Be confident. The words are so important. Bring them forward. Thanks for posting the lyrics. Well written. I'd be willing to do a "Schletty Remix" on this if you are willing, just for kicks. What DAW/sequencer app do you use? I have Logic, Cubase and GarageBand. 
Author: balynch88
Thank you for the advice. Singing is my least favorite part of recording so it's probably subconsious that I leave the vocals a touch burried and the instruments more clear, but I will work on it.  Here are the lyrics: I was running down the road Life was beating me down I'd seen to many troubling things I had, yes I had, to get out of town I was looking the for the woman I heard prayed for us all I had to ask for a favor I saw her standing, by the cross, in a blue shawl Hail Mary, Mary...
Thanks for sharing this song, Brian. I can't understand some of the lyrics but I get the general sense of your encounter with Mary.  I listened to your other songs at Spotify and several of those songs have more clarity/presence in your voice. I recommend making your vox track centered and equalized on this song to bring out more presence. Pan instruments left and right of center and tone them down a bit. Just some friendly suggestions from a fellow do-it-yourself recording artist....
Let us pray for a profusion of grace and clarity to offset the confusion and illusion that beset many of us. Thank you, Filippo, for this song which traverses illusion and reaches out to God in hope.
Hogcurl wrote: "While the Chinese Communist Party has elevated monsters to power that have destroyed people's rights, the Catholic Church elevates Christ from whom all true freedom comes." Well stated. Keep your parodies flying high!
Allow me to introduce myself. I'm Greg Pierson from Cincinnati. I am part of a duo called the Pierson-Young Project. My partner is Steve Young. Steve and I have known each other since we were teens in a charismatic prayer community called New Jerusalem. We played music in coffee houses and in our music ministry in NJ.  As we got older we went off to live our lives; marriage, children, and professional careers. I am now retired but Steve is still working. Steve reached out to me in 2015...
Author: balynch88
Never annoyed at comparisons, I'll take it as a compliment! I have not listened to that album so I will check it out. 
Author: balynch88
Keep the hits a coming! Streaming your tunes as I type.
Author: Cora
I've been looking for this version and finally  found the one I grew up with, that is, Maria's version.  Back in the early 70's they used to sing it at the National Shrine of Our Lady of Lourdes in Metro Manila, Philippines.  I remember it having been sung with several verses but only the 1st verse stuck in my head, the one Maria sang. Back then it was sung during Holy Communion. I remember this because we only came to this church annually during the 9 day novena for Our Lady of...
Thank you, Richard.  I've reached out.  :-)
Looking as robust as ever, Father!  Songwise, I appreciated the changing time signatures. 
Enjoyable!  Thank you for this interpretation.  
Brian,  Good to hear you're doing more music.  You're far more prolific than we are - takes us forever.  I don't know if you're complimented or annoyed at comparisons to other artists but back in the day I used to listen to Pete Yorn's musicforthemorningafter and some of your vocal stylings in this "Hail Mary, Mary" record fondly bring me back to those days.   Thanks for posting this!
I enjoyed this - I like things that are a bit different - use of art to make a point or capture a mood.  And it is sure comforting to know that God always has our back regardless of our perception! Romans 8:38-39
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