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Author: Living Waters
Thank you so much! I am not sure what that means, but I more than willing to do anything to promote this video.
You can paste in the YouTube URL in your original post and it will show up as an inline video. Would you like to do that? It might draw more people to your post to have the embedded video. Looks good!
Author: Living Waters
Mark Lajoie here speaking for Living Waters! The video for this is now over 6000 plays on YouTube. For any who venture here we would be beholden to you if you go take a look at that and subscribe to our site! LET IT REIGN on LivingWatersUtube!
This is awesome, Michael. The lyrics overflow with emotion. What a testimony to the transformative power of the Body of Christ. Well produced, well sung! I can see this being perfromed on stage. Thanks for sharing.
Fr. Maximilian, these songs sound very good. Sung with passion and artistry. Did you use some classic analog equipment to record? SiteGround recently switched this website to a different web hosting space – from Apache to NGINX. It has caused some problems with serving up certain files with spaces and caps. I noticed that A Battle Cry Goes Out.mp3 wasn't playing in the MP3 player so I re-uploaded it as A-Battle-Cry-Goes-Out.mp3. I hope to have a fix soon. I also just...
Author: Andrzej
Thank you, Richard, for taking the time to listen/watch and for your kind comment - I appreciate it very much!
Thank you, Andrzej, for sharing your evocative music and beautiful imagery.
Dan Vi, congratulations for being mentioned as a Catholic songwriter in your Providence Associates newsletter. Keep making songs of faith! Here is the paragraph about your songwriting from the PDF file you sent: "Dan Vi Nguyen has devoted time and creative energy to writing lyrics to uplifting and spiritual music. She collaborates with other artists who compose the music and/or perform the songs. Her lyrics are her personal song of praise and she is happy that these are being shared...
Thank you for your feedback Richard!


Stephanie, this is a very artistic and spirit-led song. Thank you for sharing. Welcome to Top Catholic Songs!
Author: Alexander John
This was a wonderful piece. Thanks for sharing this Richard. It was truely beautiful. Hope you share it on other platforms too.
Author: Alexander John
Unfortunately I'm not very tech savvy but want to learn more about mixing and even beat making myself. I want to research and learn about music theory. I think I will start with some instructional videos from YouTube. Thanks for feedback it all helps as you know what your talking about. I'm not sure if I mentioned but my dad lives in England so our Collabs are not done in person but it's a great way to still feel extra connection with him from a far. All the best. Alex.
Author: Alexander John
Hi Richard, this sounds a lot clearer and flows and finishes nicely in the mix. I appreciate you adding some nice touches. I'm glad you liked the tracks. I haven't recorded any more but still working out what to do next. Blessings and thanks again. I will send a link to my dad. All the best. Alex.
Alex, I think your voice needs a boost in Track 1. I ran your audio file through Adobe Audition and used Center Channel Extract to bring up your narration so it's not drowned out by the music. See what you think. Albin can adjust this in the original mix. Richard Schletty
Dan, this is very nice. Your songs are being very nicely produced by John Johnson from TuneDesigner. I like the theme of a banquet where we find rest and renewal with the Spirit of the Lord.
You are creating some nice dramatic moments with this melding of reflections and sound effects. The tubular bells could be a little less loud. Your voice always needs to stay "on top" of the mix. Blessings,  Richard
Alex, keep up the good writing. Your Dad is creating some nice soundbeds that support your reflections on God's mercy and love. 
Author: Alexander John
Hi Richard,                     That is very true. Just wanted also to let you know that once I have finished the album I will share it rather than putting up one song at a time. So far we are 5 songs into it with 12 remaining. Thanks for the feedback, it really is helpful. Check in again soon. God Bless. Alex.
You are welcome, Alex.  There are a couple "rough edits" in the remix I did of your Dad's version. Maybe I'll smooth out a couple transitions and re-upload the song. Good job! I like your speaking voice and the resting spaces you now have in your delivery. There is no need to emulate the frantic pacing of hip-hop music. Find your own voice and tempo. When we pray internally, our thoughts are not an contant stream of words. We have many resting points as we ponder our...
Author: Alexander John
Hi Richard,                     Thank you for getting this online. There are more on the way. I received your message and when the next track is done I will upload it the way you showed me. Thanks again and God Bless. Alex.
I actually recorded this a couple years ago. This OCP song is in my GIA Gather 2 and 3 guitar books. Good to hear from you! – Richard
Author: asiansa09
I am glad that you still keep in touch with Oregon Catholic Press (OCP).
Steve wrote: "Many thanks for your encouragement, Richard.  This site really is an excellent source of material and has really enriched my own ministry in my parish.  God bless." You are welcome. And thank you for your musical contributions to TCS.
Author: asiansa09
The song lyric, All Colors Wish One Wish, recorded at Nashville Song Services.
Author: asiansa09
I find the treasure of our Father Who stand tall for his believe Freedom for mankind leading the nation with no slaves Wild rides with his ambition for the nation. All colors with one wish No segregation when it comes to the colors of skin We all the same in our heart That we are special create under God’s image We should respect each other once and for all That we belong to one human race of mankind Father once said, let freedom ring for all nation Start with a dream where mankind is united...
Author: Radio Hymnal
Muy buena mandolina. Buen canto. Me gusta.
This is really good. And a very timely message in this time of political rancor, civic disturbances, and fading spirituality. I am so glad the lyrics finally came to fruition as this song. Your singer is excellent. Be sure to give proper credits to musicians and producer. And I would like to see the lyrics posted here so we can follow along. I hope this song will help to bring us together and heal wounds. I pray that reverence for God and mutual respect among men, women and children will...
Author: Nothingless
Thank you Richard!!! You are always positive, so kind and encouraging! God bless you!!!
I really like this snapshot of contemplative, spiritual journeys. Good music. Good imagery. Thanks for sharing. This should cause us all to take time to focus on God and the gifts of nature and human life. 
Author: Nothingless
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