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Author: Richard Schletty

An article by Nick Alexander

For almost two decades, I have been a responsible itinerant church musician, worship leader, and songwriter.  Part of that equation has always been attaining a license to Christian Copyright Licensing Inc. (CCLI for short)... 

When I was first getting started playing for different groups, such as parishes, youth rallies, prayer groups, young adult groups, healing masses, etc., I always had my CCLI license to ensure that the songs I had covered had been legally protected. I would insist that if you are in this boat, you, too,...

Author: Richard Schletty

My friend and music associate, André van Haren, has posted a complete series of instructional videos for Sibelius 6, an awesome music notation program. If anyone has thought about learning to engrave professional looking sheet music, this is your quick start! – Richard Schletty

André recently posted this overview of "object checking" – a summary of several videos posted here in the Forums and at YouTube. Please watch and comment. See complete list of Sibelius 6 tips in the TCS Forums.

Sibelius Quick Tip 25 - Object Check part 6 - overview


Author: Richard Schletty

Jim Papandrea has been writing, recording and performing music for over 25 years: in Milwaukee; Minneapolis; Los Angeles; Rome, Italy; and most recently in the Chicago area. After a few years with the Milwaukee-based band, The Crabs, Jim formed his own group called The Neumes, which migrated from the University of Minnesota to LA.  The Neumes released two recordings, Ars Nova and Contrast.  In 1995, after a summer at the American Academy in Rome, Jim returned to the Chicago area to create Remember Rome.  Remember Rome has released four CDs: Remember Rome, La Bocca della Veritá, Carpe...

Author: Richard Schletty

A message from Nick Alexander:

We are now in the Easter Season.  Pentecost is coming soon. Pentecost is the traditional celebration as to the birth of the Church, when the Holy Spirit (which Jesus had promised to His followers) descended upon those in the upper room, giving them power to evangelize and to heal.

I am preparing a music resource that will employ the use of many traditional hymns and current worship songs to celebrate the events that occurred in Acts 2. My question is: ...

Author: Richard Schletty

An email blast from GIA Publications:

Looking for ways renew the spirit of your Pentecost worship?
Try these highly recommended resources from GIA Publications, Inc.

For Organ...
G-6005 Veni Creator Spritus
G-8362 Gregorian Preludes for the Liturgical Year

For Organ with Instruments...
G-6433 ...

Author: Richard Schletty

July 29 - August 3, 2014 / St. Catherine University, St. Paul, Minnesota

There is still time to apply - but the deadline is very soon!

Come be a part of a magical week with young people and adult leaders! Under the leadership of founder and executive director David Haas, the 2014 team includes: Fr. Ray East, Lori True, Fr. Michael Joncas, Marty Haugen, Bonnie Faber, Kate Cuddy, Stephen Petrunak, Fr. Fran O'Brien, Jaime Cortez, Anna Betancourt, Mary Louise Bringle, Tom Franzak, Lynn Trapp, Sr. Kathleen Harmon, Joe Camacho, Tim Westerhaus, and many more!

Come join 150 other high school and early college students, and 50-60 adult leaders for a week of celebration, learning, growth, and the joy of liturgical music!


Author: Richard Schletty

A note from Susan Bailey, speaker, performing songwriter and author. She is a member of the Catholic Association of Music:

Hi to all of you,

God has graced me with a wonderful healing which I am writing about on my blog. Here are links to the first two posts:

My unexpected miracle healing (part one)

My unexpected miracle healing (part two): openness to God's way


Author: Richard Schletty

All my parody lyrics (the ones worth remembering).

A message from Nick Alexander:

Today is a great day.  Really.

Today I am releasing a new resource for all those who are fans of my parody songs. ...

Author: Richard Schletty

A message from John Meng-Frecker at

April 29, 2014

Dear Catholic Artists,

The Archdiocese of Omaha has acknowledged our desire to hold a Catholic Arts Conference in Fall 2015 in Omaha, NE for the occasion of the U.S. debut exhibit of The Faces of Christ shown by Steen Heidemann (also see Vatican letter from Mons. Juan Miguel...

Author: Richard Schletty

I received this notice from GIA Music. – Richard Schletty

Full notice here:

Oramos Cantando

Celebren con GIA Publications, Inc. el lanzamiento del nuevo y totalmente bilingüe...

Author: Richard Schletty

An email blast from Keith Mohr at Details about this group ad buy were posted a couple weeks ago. Use search tool to find that story. – Richard Schletty, creative admin


Just a quick note to let you know it's the last call to promote your music and mission to over 560,000+ fans of Christian music through our "Indie Corner" ad in the May 1 issue of CCM Digital Magazine! 

We have 2 remaining slots! Check out the ad and info here:

We'll give the last 2 slots a discount! Let me know if you have any questions. Happy to help!

Keith Mohr, president

Author: Richard Schletty

From John Michael Talbot Ministries:

Notice: original article has been edited. We have just learned that John Michael Talbot's "Praise the Lord" appearance on Thursday, April 24th will NOT be broadcast until SATURDAY, May 3rd at 2:00 PM PT - 5:00 PM ET. We apologize for this late notice. If you planned on attending the taping this evening at TBN's studio - you are still good to go! Thank you for your understanding and continued support of this...

Author: Richard Schletty

The grave now is empty! The stone is rolled away! Hallelujah!Cross-posted, with permission, from Nick Alexander's blog.

The grave now is empty! The stone is rolled away! Hallelujah!

Happy Resurrection Day!

Easter is the most joyous time of the year. It is the time that we celebrate the impossible–that death no longer has any power over us. Our Lord Jesus looked as if He was slain; but no! Jesus conquered death. And by conquering death, He has opened the way of salvation to all who believe.

Easter is not a one...

Author: Richard Schletty

holyweekmusicFrom the Nick Alexander blog

Holy Week, at this writing, is close upon us.

This is the most sacred time of the year. This is the time where we pause and reflect upon the saddest–and shortly afterwards, the most triumphant–moments in all of history. This is the basis of our belief, that the Son of God would willingly allow Himself to be taken, scourged, and crucified for our sins.

Throughout the centuries, composers of various different musical...

Author: Richard Schletty

Here is an excerpt from Facebook today, April 15, 2014. John Michael Talbot Ministries is reaching out to all Christians, reaching out to old, new and future fans. Give JMT a shout and a Like. - R. Schletty (TCS creative admin)

HELP US FIND ALL OF JOHN MICHAEL TALBOT'S FANS ON FACEBOOK! We are looking for all fans of John Michael Talbot - old and new who are on Facebook! Do you know someone on Facebook who has been lead to Christ by JMTs ministry? Are you blessed by the gospel reflections on this page? His writings? New TV ministry? Please take a moment and share this image and a link to his Facebook page on your...

Author: Richard Schletty

Mark MalletFrom

Singing and playing guitar since the age of nine, Mark Mallett is a Canadian singer/songwriter, Catholic evangelist and author. Since leaving his career as a successful television journalist in 2000, Mark has been touring extensively throughout North America and abroad giving parish missions & concerts, as well as speaking and ministering at retreats, conferences and Catholic schools. He had the privilege of singing at the Vatican and presenting his music...

Author: Richard Schletty

An email blast from John Michael Talbot Ministries: REMINDER! WATCH John Michael Talbot's new TV show "All Things Are Possible" this week on Wednesday - April 9th! We have updated John Michael's website with broadcast times, all the ways to watch and more! Please CLICK HERE for complete information! We premiered to RAVE REVIEWS last week! Here's a sample of the many letters we received from fans:
  • What a blessing your programs are to me. God bless you! - Jason S.
  • I love that you were ecumenical but still Catholic! I can't wait for the next one! -...

Author: Richard Schletty

Here is a series of Sibelius 6 Quick Tips posted at YouTube by my friend and music associate, André van Haren, composer and orchestral arranger. André lives in Gothenburg, Sweden. Sibelius is a music notation (engraving) program for creating sheet music. If you want to learn Sibelius quickly, start here with André's Quick Tips! – Richard Schletty A series of Sibelius 6 Quick Tips in which I explain, one at the time, problems that you could encounter in Sibelius 6. André van Haren

Author: Richard Schletty

Book review by Ignatius Press: See original review here A Voice Undefeated By Collin Raye

When Collin Raye's powerful, golden voice dazzled the country music scene in 1991 with his Number One hit single "Love, Me", country music listeners fell in love with one of the great voices of our time. A new star was rising, and Collin's success continued throughout the nineties with over eight million records sold.


Author: Richard Schletty

This article by my friend Brad Dunse appeared in Muse's News which is a special section of the website The Muse's Muse Songwriting Resource. Every so often we abandon songwriting “How Tos” to scratch around in our heads a little, and there’s some lessons from other writers we just can’t pass up. For instance, Berklee College of Music’s Professor Pat Pattison (best-selling author of Writing Better Lyrics) and country music’s phenomenal #1 hit writer Jeffrey Steele might surprise you with...